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Astrology Consultations

Astrology consultations with a trained and experienced astrologer allow you to understand and overcome your unconscious habits and limiting patterns – as well as identify your unique strengths and values.

In addition, it can shine a light on past events, helping you to come to terms with and see the divine meaning in your experiences. Understanding how you got to where you are today is one of the most powerful, transformative experiences anyone can have, especially if you are interested in personal and spiritual growth.

Finally, astrology can help predict what themes and events are likely to occur in your life, and a trained astrologer can help you discover the tools that will assist you in these times, in advance.

What happens in an astrology consultation?

An astrology consultation begins before you sit down and speak with your astrologer, whether it’s in person or on Zoom. When I personally receive your birth details (taken upon booking – that’s your place of birth, date of birth and time that you were born) I get to work.

This means casting your birth chart using the information you have given me. I then sit with your chart to get an overall intuitive feeling for the energies described in the planetary positions at the time of your birth, and start jotting down my main observations.

Next I’ll address specific themes or questions you would like addressed (asked for in the booking form) and study the relevant planets that will speak to these. There is nothing off limits here – it’s quite amazing just how much of our life can be seen reflected in our birth chart!

Finally I’ll analyse your chart in relation to upcoming transits, and use an array of ancient timing techniques to identify key themes and events likely to occur in the coming months and/or years.

To learn more about my approach to astrology, check out my YouTube channel to get a feel for my work, and the language of the stars.

Complete Astrology Consultation


Are you at a crossroads in life? Are you feeling a bit lost, or unsure of where to direct your energy?

This is an in-depth look at your world, your personal strengths, gifts, and blindspots, where you might find opportunities for success in your life, and where to focus your energy for a satisfying career and creative life.

We will also look at upcoming transits to explore what you can expect to come in the next year.

Sessions are 60 minutes and held on Zoom. You will receive a recording of the consultation.

$199 USD

When you make your payment, you will be taken to a booking calendar.

If you cannot find a suitable time slot, please email hello@catroseastrology.com with your preferred time and date and I will do my best to accommodate you.

Thoroughly enjoyed my chart reading with Cat, it was great to hear her insight into the aspects of my chart. As a newbie to Astrology I found she communicated the complexities of the chart in clear and accessible ways, giving me lots of pointers for what to look out for in the future.

The reading brought up things that I hadn’t seen before in my chart. Cat offered some really useful guidance that I have already been putting into action. I feel so much more confident in my abilities in certain areas of life now, knowing also that there is a lot of support shown in my birth chart. As well as pointing out some really reassuring upcoming transits she took the time to respect the light and the dark in the chart and I really appreciated that balanced view. Overall I came away with a spring in my step feeling like I understood the relationship between my self and the Universe better. There were so many positives that I took away from the reading that I’m still exploring. Thanks Cat!

I’m not new with astrology and I really think Cat has very fresh viewpoints. Cat has a pleasant way of explaining things and it’s easy for me to follow her thoughts. She’s also very friendly and helpful if I’ve had any questions.

Cat’s way of explaining the chart was the clearest I’ve ever had. Her style and insights were awesome. I also very much liked how she highlighted things on the chart as we chatted.

It was really easy to chat….I felt at ease and able to share. The insights were relevant to what was happening with me right now and the questions I asked. It was what I needed to receive at this point in my journey. Plenty to take away and assimilate and i never realised how profound it would be sharing my birth chart with someone who really knows the language and who shares it in such a way that you feel heard and affirmed.

This was my first ever birth chart reading and I wasn’t sure what to expect, but Cat made me feel very comfortable. She went into a lot of depth about different patterns in my chart and she covered a lot of themes – I was really impressed by how much she was able to draw out. I came out of the reading with new insights about myself and my life and with a clear direction for moving into the future. Thank you so much Cat!

Other services include:

Electional astrology

What’s the best time to launch your website or a new product? When should you hit ‘send’ on that email? These are the kinds of questions electional astrology can answer. Bring me a question, and time period and I’ll identify the precise moment you can pull the trigger for the best possible outcome.

Birth chart Rectification

Having an accurate birth time is incredibly important for many techniques in astrology. Unfortunately, many of us don’t have a precise birth time, and miss out on the true value astrology can bring. The good news is, we can do some cosmic detective work and figure out a much more likely birth time for you!

Transit updates

If you’ve already had a reading with me, you can book a discounted reading for planetary updates and to find out what the next 6–12 months have in store for you, as well as addressing any current concerns you have. Recommended every solar return!

Cat was wonderful. She highlighted some important parts of my chart in ways I had not considered before. It felt super organic and she was incredibly kind to listen to me talk (probably too much – Gemini!) about things going on in my life. She clearly has a variety of skillsets in astrology and I appreciated her synthesis of techniques and interpretation. I’m looking forward to doing a follow up reading again soon!

I enjoyed the reading and it was like having a chat with a wise friend! It was nice to have a reading with someone who really appreciates the creative side of life.

Cat put to rest a lot of the questions I had regarding my life experience and the musings I had moving forward. She is not only scarily accurate (in a good way!) she gave me great advice about how to deal with the more challenging aspects in my chart and life, all in such a personable and caring way that I feel more confident moving forward with my goals and ambitions. 

Cat has a very calming nature. She manages the time well, even with a very talkative client, like myself. She pointed out important aspects and then allowed things to unfold naturally. She is a true gem!

Cat explained my natal chart in a way that was so clear and easy to understand that I was simply blown away by it. I’ve had four other natal chart readings over the years from different astrologers and each one was valuable and helpful, but the way that Cat explained how my Sun, Moon, and Rising sign were playing out in my life made more sense to me than what other astrologers have told me. Also, the way she went back and forth with giving me her interpretation and then asking me if I had questions was so helpful and made me feel like I was having a reading but also having an engaging conversation. I LOVED my reading and have already recommended her to several people, including my husband (who signed up right away)!