I’m Cat – an astrologer, writer, coach and acreative introvert dedicated to helping you find your true calling.

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There was a time that I could be found sobbing in train carriages, as I commuted to and from a busy London-based design agency. The tears were not because of my employer, nor the train journey (though the train carriages could at times smell badly enough to bring a tear to the eye…)

The tears were coming from a knowing that I was simply on the *wrong* path.

The reality was that I was not destined to be a 9–5 worker, commuting to an office – even if it was in the hippest part of London’s west end, and even if the salary was above average for a recent university graduate.

I was destined to go it alone: to build my own business, to carve my own path and, in the words of Fleetwood Mac “go my own waaaaay….”

Eventually I made the break – I said farewell to full-time employment, much to my friends and family’s concerns.

So with my new found freelance and free-range freedom, I set about building a business doing what I love. Which at the time was, drawing cats – mostly.

Apparently this wasn’t the path I was meant to be walking either, and after trying to fit myself into the hustle-culture that was all the rage circa 2015, I finally came to the conclusion that if I wanted to build a business *doing* what I love, I would have to do it in a *way* that I love.

Several personality type tests, dozens of self help books, courses and trainings later… I finally found something that went beyond Myers-Briggs.

I found astrology.

It wasn’t easy for me to accept the reality of an art that I had associated with fakes and frauds, posing in newspapers as modern-day fortune tellers. But once my curiosity got the better of me, and I really started to look into the study of the stars in terms of their connection to life here on earth… I was convinced.

Astrology quickly became my little secret; a tool that I started to use purely for self-knowledge, that became a way of life. I would align my biggest business decisions in accordance with the movements of the heavens. I would wait for the Moon to be in a certain place before hitting ‘send’ on an important email, or until Mercury was moving direct before I would consider launching a new product.

And I seeing the difference it made over time, I became evangelical about sharing it with others.

And here I am today: Cat Rose Neligan, astrologer (first and foremost), author, and artist (I still like to draw cats!)

Astrology Practice Philosophy


Astrology is the study of the movement of the stars and planets, describing how events here on earth can be seen reflected in those movements. That means the movements of the cosmos do not necessarily cause events here on earth to happen, but are seen reflected in those events. As above, so below.

Not quite a science, not quite an art, not quite a religion – astrology defies categorisation. The closest label I can give it is: a divine language. You can think of it like casting runes or reading tarot cards. When you consult the stars, the question is based upon an inner conversation you are having with an external force. The answer you get is – in my belief system – divine.

Astrology can not tell you what to do. It tells you what you do. In other words, it describes your fate. Your response to that fate, or the knowledge fate yet to be, is where fate becomes destiny. This is where the wiggle room of ‘free will’ lies.

The easiest way to explain this is through this wonderful quote from the psychiatrist, Alexander Lowen:

“Fish are fated to swim as birds are fated to fly, but that is hardly their destiny. . . . The oracle at Delphi did not foretell the destiny of Oedipus, which was to vanish from the earth and find an abode with the gods. He prophesied his fate, which was that he would kill his father and marry his mother.”

My job as your astrologer is to help you find the destiny in your fate – also what I like to call your personal daimon.

If you would like to learn more about my take on astrology, fate, destiny, daimons and all that esoteric stuff – I recommend checking out my YouTube channel.

If you’re ready to go further, here’s what I currently offer:

Pathfinding Sessions

Work one-to-one with me to discover the roadmap you were born with

Discover the Daimon

Learn about your personal guiding force; your destined path

The Astrology Circle

Join a community of astrology enthusiasts online each month

In a nutshell…


  • Author of three books: The Creative Introvert, Discovering Your Personal Daimon and Your Daimon Diary.
  • Certified in Hellenistic Astrology by Adam Elenbaas and Chris Brennan, and has trained with Renn Butler amongst others.
  • Is a serious David Lynch fangirl. The owls are not what they seem…
  • Is the proud furbaby mum to three stuffed tigers, a pink unicorn-dinosaur, a monkey, a fox and a sausage-dog.
  • Is a big lover of red lipstick, 1950s fashion, music and movies!

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Each week I publish new videos on YouTube outlining current planetary transits, what to expect from the cosmic weather, and tips for learning astrology yourself and applying it in your life.