I’m Cat,

an astrologer, writer, and coach, dedicated to helping you understand yourself and the path you walk.

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An astrology reading can help you gain clarity and make sense of who you are today, and how you got here. In addition, we can use astrology to gain insight into where you are going. Astrology is an incredible language that has endless gifts for each of us, so I offer a variety of readings that cater to as many different needs as possible.

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Find me on YouTube every week, bringing you anastrology forecast that blends ancient astrological theory,practical tips and intuitive wisdom.

Discovering Your

Personal Daimon

This book will take you on an adventure to discovering your personal daimon, using approaches grounded in ancient theories and practices, leaving you with no doubts that there is indeed a guiding force in your life, and that you can get to know intimately what – and who – that is.