Find the Destiny
in Your Fate


Astrology can help you understand and embrace of who you are today,
how you got here, and where you’re going.

I’m Cat and I help creatives, business owners and entrepreneurs live life in alignment with the cycles of the heavens in order to find ease, freedom and that feeling of “YES! This is the path I am meant to walk.”

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Astrology Consultations


Work one-to-one with me to discover the roadmap you were born with. Uncover and understand your unconscious habits and limiting patterns – as well as your strengths and values. 

Live Lunation Meet-ups


Join a community of aspiring astrologers and astrology enthusiasts online for New Moon and Full Moon gatherings. We discuss the astrology of the lunation, the tarot cards associated with the decan it falls on and how we’re experiencing the astrological energies in our lives.

Discovering Your Personal Daimon


This book will take you on an adventure to discovering your personal daimon, using approaches grounded in ancient theories and practices, leaving you with no doubts that there is indeed a guiding force in your life, and that you can get to know intimately what – and who – that is.

Find me on YouTube

Each week I publish new videos on YouTube outlining current planetary transits, what to expect from the cosmic weather, and tips for learning astrology yourself and applying it in your life.