Find the Destiny
in Your Fate


You may not be able to change your fate…
But you can find peace through finding destiny in your fate.

Iā€™m Cat and I’m an astrologer, and I want you to know that discovering your purpose isn’t a linear journey; it’s an intricate constellation of experiences. Now, I’m committed to helping fellow wanderers in navigating your path with more clarity, ease and joy.

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Discovering Your Personal Daimon


This book will take you on an adventure to discovering your personal daimon, using approaches grounded in ancient theories and practices, leaving you with no doubts that there is indeed a guiding force in your life, and that you can get to know intimately what ā€“ and who ā€“ that is.

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Each week I publish new videos on YouTube outlining current planetary transits, what to expect from the cosmic weather, and tips for learning astrology yourself and applying it in your life.