follow the call of destiny

Your Personal Daimon

Meet the guiding force you came into this world with – and learn how to follow its call

“In order to achieve what the Ancient Greeks called, ‘eudaimonia’, which translates roughly to happiness or having a well-pleased daimon, we must discover it and heed its call.”

~ Cat Rose Neligan, Discovering Your Personal Daimon

Have you ever felt like you were walking around, totally lost or at least unsure of where to turn next in your life?

We don’t all grow up knowing exactly who we are, let alone what we should be doing with our time here on Earth.

It isn’t easy to wake up feeling like life is just happening to you, uncertain of how best to live the life you intended before you came here.

Fortunately, we did all come into this physical realm with a spiritual counterpart, one that has the blueprint for our life’s path, and is eager to communicate it to us.

This divine double is: Your Personal Daimon.

The daimon goes by many names and guises. For some, it’s their Holy Guardian Angel. For others, it’s their calling, or destiny itself.

The daimon can be thought of as a guiding spirit, a being that came into this life with you and that remembers the life path, or destiny, you signed up for.

It isn’t good or bad. It isn’t purely internal or external. It isn’t a human or a god. In all cases, it exists in the in between.

As an in-between being, it can be thought of as a mediator between us and the divine. This personal face of god concept has been adopted by Sufis, and Christian mystics alike.

Others might see it as the creative muse, the force that comes through us when we sit down to write or paint or play an instrument.

Many famous names throughout history have been associated with a personal daimon or tutelary spirit. Napoleon, Goethe, Jung, da Vinci, Yeats and arguably the most famous daimon owner of all: Socrates.

Famously it was his daimon that led him to his death. Socrates daimon would only tell him what not to do. Rather than flee the city or escape from his sentence, Socrates went with it, as his daimon had not shown resistance to his death sentence.

Most importantly, YOU too have a personal daimon, and this book was written to help you discover it.

When I discovered the existence of daimons (something I thought belonged only to the fictional land of His Dark Materials) I threw myself headfirst into research, determined to find and meet my own personal daimon.

I sought out ancient texts, modern books, workshops and anything I could get my paws on. I spoke to experts in the field, and anyone who came to me with their own experiences with their spirit guides.

What I couldn’t find was a place that would walk me through the history of the daimon, beliefs and theories, as well as the practices (which are numerous and at times incredibly complex!) – all in one place that was easily digestible and practical.

So… I created it myself.

And now… You’ve come to that place.


Embrace Your Daimon

Meet the Guiding Force You Came into This World With – and Learn How to Follow it’s Call

Who is this course for?

The call of the daimon shows itself in a multitude of ways. As a child, you might have had an obsession with a particular book or activity. As a teen, maybe you fought against what your parents or teachers drove you towards. In more recent years, maybe it has shown itself as a mysterious illness, a lethargy, a resentment… the pains of a daimonic call gone unanswered.

Regardless, you know something is calling you towards a particular path, and your curiosity (how it often speaks to us) will not leave you alone. If you feel the call has led you here, then this program could very well be the next step along that path.

Embrace Your Daimon Full Curriculum:

Class I: What is the Daimon?

  • Learn about the origins of the word
  • Understand the daimon as a Soul Guide
  • Explore different cultural references to the personal daimon
  • Learn the implications of following the call of the daimon

In our first class together we will look at the mysterious origins of the daimon, and where the personal daimon has showed itself in the lives of many influential figures in history, from Socrates to Jung. We will also turn to the realm myth to deepen our understanding of the place of the personal daimon in our lives.

Class II: The Daimon and Spirituality

  • The daimon as a god
  • The daimon as part of us
  • The daimon as in between us and god
  • How do we know our daimon is guiding us?
  • Theurgy and the daimon
  • How to connect with your daimon spiritually

In this class, we’ll explore the spiritual role of the daimon in our lives. We delve into questions like: What IS the daimon anyway? Is it an angel? A god? An elemental? And importantly, how does it fit into our existing belief system or faith or world view? 

Class III: The Daimon and Creativity

  • The daimon as a muse
  • Why attribute creative work to our daimons?
  • Examples of famous creatives and their daimons
  • How do we know our daimon is guiding us?
  • The plight of the creative daimon
  • How to create with your daimon

In this class, we’ll explore the role of the daimon in the creative process, regardless of whether you have ever lifted a paintbrush. Creativity isn’t an exclusive trait: this is for everyone who has ever had an idea and seen it through to manifest reality.

Class IV: The Dark Side of the Daimon

  • Learn about how the daimon became confused with the demon
  • Understand the risks of dysdaimonic possession
  • Discover how to work with the more challenging aspects of your personal daimon

So far we’ve focused on the overtly positive aspects of the Daimon and it’s influence in our lives. But what about the other side of the Daimon? The 12th house side? The side that got separated out and labelled as the Demon? That’s what we’ll address in this class.

Class V: The Daimon and Astrology

  • What did the ancient astrologers believe?
  • Why would knowing our fate matter?
  • What does astrology have to do with the daimon?
  • What were the different approaches to finding the daimon with astrology?

To introduce the following classes on astrological techniques that can point to the fingerprints of the daimon in our lives, we will first take an in-depth look at the theory that grounds the daimon in the practice of astrology, and it’s rich cultural and historical roots.

The aim of this class is to get us thinking about fate and destiny, fortune and daimon, and our own ability to make virtuous choices.

Class VI: The Places of Daimon

In the first of our astrology classes, we will look at Daimon’s other half, Tyche a.k.a. Fortune. This will provide a foundation to build upon as we explore further techniques.

We will also take an in-depth look at the places (houses) of good and bad daimon, the 11th and the 12th, studying chart examples as we go.

Class VII: The Lots of Daimon

In this class, we will go further into the astrology of the daimon, as we take a look at the Lots of Daimon and Fortune, exploring their origin and esoteric meaning.

We will look at a range of interpretations of the lots, and see practical ways of applying this technique in looking at our own birth charts.

Class VIII & IX: The Calendar of the Daimon

The next two classes will be focussed around a more advanced technique, known as Zodiacal Releasing.

We will explore this as a way to understand the “calendar of the daimon” and take time to apply this technique, again using our own charts as a reference.

Classes X & XI: The Nature of Your Daimon

Our final two astrology classes will culminate in identifying the spirit of the daimon in our birth charts. We will explore ancient techniques, identifying the oikodespotes, or Master of the Nativity, as well as the kurios, or Lord of the Nativity; and contemplate which (if any) of these planets can tell us about our personal daimons. Again, chart examples will be used throughout!

Class XII: Cultivating an Ongoing Relationship with the Daimon

  • Integration of what we have learned over the past 3 months
  • An exploration of practices we can take into our daily lives, as a way to continue our communication with the personal daimon
  • Troubleshooting (like, how do I know it’s my daimon?!)
  • Any final questions & Closing circle

“Before the birth, the soul of each of us chooses an image or design that then we will live on earth, and receive a companion to guide us up here, a daimon, which is unique and typical. However, when we come to the world, we forget all this and we believe we have been empty. It is the daimon who remembers the content of our image, the elements of the chosen drawing, he is the bearer of our destiny.”

~ James Hillman, The Soul’s Code

Testimonials from past students

“The course was really inspiring and Cat has a clear and enthusiastic way of explaining things. The slides were informative and many of them breathtakingly beautiful.”

“I loved the the personal touches, looking at each other’s birth charts! I would recommend this course to students of astrology and those with a spiritual interest.”

“I really enjoyed diving into the astrological concepts related to the daimon. This program is for every seeker of a meaningful life journey…”

Embrace Your Daimon

This course consists of 12 x 60–90 minute classes, totalling over 13 hours of content.

When you purchase this course, you will also receive priority email support from Cat to answer any questions.

What you’ll learn

  • The origins of the personal daimon
  • Different cultural approaches to the personal daimon
  • The implications of following the call of the daimon
  • How creativity relates to the daimon
  • Ways to work creatively with our personal daimons
  • The spiritual purpose of the daimon
  • The dangers of following the daimon blindly
  • How the daimon is sewn into the fabric of our birth chart
  • Four astrological approaches to understanding the daimon
  • Other practices to connect with our personal daimons

Additional Daimonic Offerings…

Discovering Your Personal Daimon: An Accessible Astrological Guide to Fate and Destiny

This book will take you on an adventure to discovering your personal daimon, using approaches grounded in ancient theories and practices, leaving you with no doubts that there is indeed a guiding force in your life, and that you can get to know intimately what – and who – that is.

What you’ll learn:

  • The origins of the personal daimon
  • Different cultural approaches to the personal daimon
  • The implications of following the call of the daimon
  • How creativity relates to the daimon
  • Ways to work creatively with our personal daimons
  • The spiritual purpose of the daimon
  • The dangers of following the daimon blindly
  • How the daimon is sewn into the fabric of our birth chart
  • Four astrological approaches to understanding the daimon
  • Other practices to connect with our personal daimons

Your Daimon Diary

To continue your work with your daimon, this physical journal was designed to help you in your ongoing connection, understanding and communication with your personal guiding spirit. 

The first section, Finding Your Daimon’s Name will guide you through two approaches to – you guessed it – finding your daimon’s name. You might already know the moniker of your daimon; either way you’ll have a lovely space to write it out in big, beautiful letters.

Next you’ll be confronted with: The Story So Far. This is a guide to reflecting on where the daimon has already shown up in your life, through your likes, dislikes, mentors and role models and much more.

The next section is dedicated to your daimon, and one that you can always return to as your relationship evolves. That is: what does your daimon need?

The pages that follow will allow for plenty of space to keep track of dreams, signs and synchronicities: in other words, the places your daimon shows up.

Last– and by no means least – we end with a section to write directly to your daimon. This is where we’ve been headed: a free-flowing conversation between you and your personal daimon. I urge you to fill every last one of these pages – and keep going.

1-1 Daimon Readings

If you’re looking for additional guidance on a 1-1 basis, you can book a daimon consultation with Cat.

These are unique exchanges, based on your astrological birth chart as well as your interests, experiences, and dreams.

Leave with a deeper understanding of who and what that guiding force in your life is, and how best to connect with it on an ongoing basis.

“If you are a practicing astrologer, you will find new ways to approach and discern the presence of the daimon in the birth chart. And if you are someone who is interested in the daimon, but not necessarily an astrologer, you’ll still find practical advice for establishing a meaningful, soul-level relationship with the daimon in your day to day life. As far as I know, there hasn’t been a more grounded and accessible book written on the subject yet in the modern era.”

~ Adam Elenbaas, Nightlight Astrology

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Discovering Your Personal Daimon Physical paperback ($25)

Discovering Your Personal Daimon Digital eBook (value $14.95)

Your Daimon Diary Physical journal (value $19)

1-1 Daimon Reading (value $175)

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