Your Daimon Diary

An Interactive Journal and Companion Guide to Discovering Your Personal Daimon.

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What is a Daimon?

The daimon can be thought of as a guiding spirit, a being that came into this life with you and that remembers the life path, or destiny, you signed up for.

It isn’t good or bad. It isn’t purely internal or external. It isn’t a human or a god. In all cases, it exists in the in between.

As an in-between being, it can be thought of as a mediator between us and the divine. This personal face of god concept has been adopted by Sufis, and Christian mystics alike.

Others might see it as the creative muse, the force that comes through us when we sit down to write or paint or play an instrument.

Many famous names throughout history have been associated with a personal daimon or tutelary spirit. Napoleon, Goethe, Jung, da Vinci, Yeats and arguably the most famous daimon owner of all: Socrates.

Famously it was his daimon that led him to his death. Socrates daimon would only tell him what not to do. Rather than flee the city or escape from his sentence, Socrates went with it, as his daimon had not shown resistance to his death sentence.

Most importantly, YOU too have a personal daimon, and this diary was created to help you discover it.

About Your Daimon Diary

When I began writing Discovering Your Personal Daimon, I had no intention of publishing anything. I simply wanted to discover MY personal daimon. It was a bit of a surprise to me as my daimon turned a research project – about itself – into a book that now sits on the shelves of several occult shops here in the UK, and homes in every continent.

The aim was always a practical one. And yet any book always runs the risk of becoming another navel gazing exercise, left to gather dust on all those shelves.

That’s why the daimon and I decided to create a companion guide, a diary or journal that has been designed to basically force ourselves into communion. The exercises and guidance are a distilled version of what you’ll find in the original book, but this time you’ll actually *do* them.

Your daimon will be delighted, and you’ll have a deeper connection with the one that stands beside you at all times, nudging you towards your destiny.

Part One: Naming the Daimon

The first section, Finding Your Daimon’s Name will guide you through two approaches to – you guessed it – finding your daimon’s name. You might already know the moniker of your daimon; either way you’ll have a lovely space to write it out in big, beautiful letters.

Part Two: Your Daimon’s Breadcrumbs

Next you’ll be confronted with: The Story So Far. This is a guide to reflecting on where the daimon has already shown up in your life, through your likes, dislikes, mentors and role models and much more.


Part Three: The Nature of the Daimon

The next section is directly dedicated to your daimon, and one that you can always return to as your relationship evolves. That is: what does your daimon need?


Part Four: Communicating with the Daimon

The pages that follow will allow for plenty of space to keep track of dreams, signs and synchronicities: in other words, the places your daimon shows up.

Last– and by no means least – we end with a section to write directly to your daimon. This is where we’ve been headed: a free-flowing conversation between you and your personal daimon. I urge you to fill every last one of these pages – and keep going.


Your Daimon Diary

An Interactive Journal and Companion Guide to Discovering Your Personal Daimon.

Buy the paperback edition:

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