Traditional Astrology
for Beginners

Discover the tradition of astrology that has been practiced for around 2,000 years and start applying these ancient principles in as little as 6 weeks.  

What you’ll learn

Understand the philosophical principles that underly Hellenistic astrology

Discover each planet’s core characteristics from a traditional perspective

Learn about the foundational structure of the Zodiac signs, and why they have come to mean what they do today

Understand the houses, and their unique place in the astrological chart

Discover the meaning of aspects, and finally see how the chart fits together as a whole

Who is this course for?

This 6-week course is for those who are completely new to astrology, and may only know their Sun sign (or ‘Star sign’) but who are interested in this ancient divinatory tool.

It is also for people who are familiar with astrological concepts from a modern, 20th-21st century perspective and would like to understand the roots of this ancient art.

Course details

This course consists of 6 weekly classes held online on Zoom*

Classes will run for approx. 2 hours, with time for a 5 minute break

Each class is live and interactive, with plenty of time for Q&A

*Note that there are 4 places available for those who wish to meet in person, in Brighton UK. Please email me if you would like to attend at hello@catroseastrology.com

Class plan:

Class 1: The Foundations of Traditional Astrology

A brief overview of the history of astrology in the Mediterranean region, as well as the philosophical context for the practice. Contemplate why we study the movement of the planets, and develop your own guiding principles for your practice.

Class 2: The Sun & Moon (The Dance of Fate and Destiny)

An introduction to the luminaries: the two most important planets in the sky. Learn about their fundamental nature, and the cyclic dance that determines so much about the astrological system.

Class 3: The Planets (Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter & Saturn)

Meet the rest of the seven traditional celestial bodies that astrologers have been watching for thousands of years. Learn how these planets alone are all we need to paint a rich picture of our life story.

Class 4: The Thema Mundi (The Signs of the Zodiac & Planetary Rulerships)

Understand where the Zodiac signs take their meaning from, and get aquainted with the underlying structure of planetary relationships: the thema mundi, or world’s soul.


Class 5: The Houses

The Houses (or places) are commonly misunderstood by many astrologers in modern times. Learn about how the houses got their meaning originally, and how to use them in a simple yet effective way.

Class 6: The Aspect Doctrine

Finally learn about how the planets relate to each other, and how this all fits together when reading your own birth chart. By the end of this class, we will be able to share descriptive delineations of each others charts, and begin to integrate all of these lessons in a way that establishes the foundations of a powerful and beautiful timeless practice.


If you have any questions about the course, please feel free to email me: hello@catroseastrology.com