Today I’m speaking to Theolyn Cortens, a fascinating woman who has a great deal to share about her experiences with astrology, angels, Kabbalah and much, much more! I really enjoyed chatting to Theolyn, and her ability to bring such lofty topics down to earth.

Find Theolyn’s work at: https://theolyn.com/

Find Theolyn’s upcoming series of books: https://angelofsecrets.com/


Theolyn will offer a £10 discount off the usual £25 (UK postage & packing is calculated at an additional £5.) Anyone who then signs up for the Accessing Angelic Realms course will get their payment for The Angels Script (including the p&p) deducted from the course price.

This course is on special offer during April. Anyone who books for the full supervised version of this course can, on satisfactory completion, claim a Certificate as SoulSchool approved Angels Script Consultant.

Find out more: https://theolyn.com/

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