Dammit – I promised myself I’d recorded my last woo-woo Year of Fun adventure, but here we are. Getting an astrology reading.
After growing increasingly curious about astrology over the past year or so, I figured it was finally time to see what it would be like to get my birth chart – the map of the planets at the exact time I was born – interpreted by a human. I know you can get your chart interpreted online for free (and I recommend this, if you’re curious) but I also know the value in speaking to a real live human, and getting their spin on things.
I should let you know my beliefs around astrology, just to be clear. That said, I don’t blame you for already jumping to the conclusion that I’ve lost my mind. I AM still skeptical about the value in attributing what’s happening in our lives, and what our personalities are like based on the stars. I can see how nutty that sounds.
But… I also know that we don’t know everything. We don’t really know what makes what happen. Astrology has been around for a long time, and has existed in multiple parts of the world, across thousands of years.
If there’s anything to it, I’d say it’s much like the Myers Briggs personality test: YOUR interpretation, YOUR insights from the results and even from the questions – that’s where the value lies. If I look at my birth chart and see my sun is in Aries, a fire sign, a bold, strong and somewhat self-centred sign: I will take what I want from that. I might think YES! This explains my fiery temper, my passion and intense drive. I might ignore the self-centred, egotistical tendencies OR I might take them into account and try to temper those aspects of myself, arguably for the better.
Of course there’s more to me than those qualities and weaknesses, just like there’s more to you than being an introvert or an INFP. But sometimes it’s useful to have a helping hand in identifying those characteristics, and that’s what Astrology – I believe – does. It’s one more torch you can use to shine a light on yourself, and question what makes you, you.
OK, now that’s out of the way I’ll let you in on my first ever chart reading.
What I cover on the episode:

  • The setting
  • The personality of my astrologer
  • Diagnosis #1: an indigo child?
  • Am I a creative introvert, according to my chart?
  • Business tips (from the astrologer, not the stars)
  • What’s in my future…

Fun rating: 9/10

I’d recommend this to pretty much anyone who has an open mind, and is not prone (too much) to blaming external events for their reality.
You can find out more about my astrologer here (spoiler alert: highly recommended!) and if you’d like to hear a much more in-depth podcast about astrology and a discussion with my skeptical co-host, subscribe to the Seeker and the Skeptic podcast. The show will air 1st Jan.


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