Another esoteric experience for you today, my trip to a float tank.
This was my third visit to a float tank, though the first at this particular venue.
For those of you who don’t know, a float tank or a sensory deprivation tank, is basically like a big bath tub filled with very salty water. Oh and the bath tub has a lid. So you’re in total darkness and the water and air are heated to what should feel like exactly human body temperature. The effect should be that you’re floating in… nothingness.
If you’ve seen the film Altered States, you may have slightly high hopes for float tanks, and if you’ve heard some people raving about them, you would probably understand why people like myself are shelling out quite a bit of cash – £50-60 is standard in my area – for an hour in a lukewarm bath.

Fun rating: 7/10

This wasn’t especially challenging or exciting, but it was relaxing at least.


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