Glastonbury Airbnb
The Tor
The Tor

Heads up: before you get excited – or confused – I did NOT go to Glastonbury Festival, the massive music festival was not on this year. My plans instead were to visit Glastonbury, the town, in rural Somerset UK.
Reasons? Well, I’d heard on multiple occasions about how great the town is for just tourism – it’s quirky, a bit like the place I live in Brighton, and it has some really old things to look at – really old. Plus, some pretty amazing myths and legends to go along with them.
Glatsonbury isn’t super accessible by train so I wasn’t in a hurry to do this one solo. Fortunately, I have two very dear friends who were willing to come, and let me hitch a ride.
So we set off, Brighton to Glastonbury. I wouldn’t normally share much about the journey, but this one was special: we saw donkeys on the roadside! A lot of them! And they were super friendly and let us pet them. This isn’t typical in the UK, but we were driving through the New Forest, which has wild horses, ponies and donkeys – and they’re all there for your roadside entertainment. Pretty neat.
We rocked up at our Airbnb, which is possibly the quirkiest one I have EVER stayed in.

One of the best things about it is where it’s situated: right next to the entrance to the path that leads to the Tor: a very, very old tower that sits on a hill overlooking Glastonbury.
We headed up there just in time for sunset and it was glorious. There were some other people there too who had the right idea, but just a small number – enough to appreciate the company and feel connected to them somehow. Not like your typical tourist site, I’ll admit.

There was someone drumming quietly, someone charging their wand and someone casting an actual spell. Yeah. That really happens.

Wearyall Hill

The next morning, we went on a tour with a nice old Irish man, John. He took us up 3 hills: Brides Mound, Wearyall Hill and the Tor, again.

I enjoyed learning about the local legends, and have since decided to take more interest in Celtic mythology.
Then we had lunch, at Excalibur – a very health savvy serve-yourself place. Amazing actually, great raw cakes too.
Then we went around the amazing shops – literally, heaven. A whole shop for essential oils and smelly stuff, esoteric book shops, hippy clothing and all the crystals.

We bought some bits for dinner. The truth is, Glastonbury is still a small town and after a while you realise your options for fine dining are limited. But that’s OK, it was nice to make the most of the Airbnb for a change.
Then we went off to our evening entertainment: a healing session with the Pleiadians, a group of aliens channeled by an attractive nordic man, Michiel Kroon.
He also channeled Archangel Michael, I guess they have the name in common.
We sat in a circle, and I felt comfortable and welcomed, I loved that we were encouraged to make the most of the essential oils and palo santo that sat in the centre of the circle. I mentioned it in previous podcasts like the time I went to Peru and the breathwork experience, but as an introvert: feeling welcomed, comfortable and well looked after in a group environment is so, so key to my enjoyment. Good facilitation in groups is NOT easy to come by, so I really appreciate it when it’s done well.
But the messages themselves from the apparently channeled entities were, in my opinion, distinctly average. I didn’t get much… though my imagination was slightly sharper than usual. And I did feel very open hearted and able to do ‘the thing’ of breathing love in and out, which I haven’t experienced before. So that was nice.
We picked an oracle card at the end, from a deck Michiel and his girlfriend designed. Mine had two beings on it: a man and a woman, Ether + Matter. The idea was all about integration, which you might know I’m obsessed with, especially when it comes to this woo woo stuff, or any life-coaching stuff. I love theory, but I love action more, and belive integration is the bridge between the theory and action. So I guess that was a nice little moment of synchronicity.
Headed back, very sleepy.

Chalice Well
Chalice Well
Glastonbury Abbey
Glastonbury Abbey
The Goddess Temple

Next day, we went out for breakfast – a vegan fry up. It’s interesting hanging out with two vegans for the weekend – it almost makes me think I could do it too… Almost. Then we went to Chalice Well, a truly gorgeous place. Very peaceful.

Then shopping! To balance out all the spiritual stuff, I guess. I bought a mood ring and a keyring in Chalice Well, a wallet, some incense, essential oil and palo santo. Can’t go wrong with smelly stuff.
Oh and a book about yoga journalling.
Then we went to the Abbey, which is OK. We laughed a lot at the egg stone, and meditated for 5 minutes. Very good vibes. I remembered how much I enjoy travelling WITH people. It slows me down, and helps me appreciate where I’m at. When travelling solo, I have this tendency to rush through everything – may be because on some level I feel a bit awkward? But with friends, you can really acknowledge the experience, and see things you otherwise wouldn’t have noticed.

Then we went to a centre that had some relation to the Maitreya – allegedly the second coming of Buddha AND Jesus. Mmhmm. The healing protocol was to sit in a comfy chair, underneath a pyramid shape with crystals strapped on and crystals in your hand and headphones on listening to the Maitreya’s puja.
Sounds bonkers. I know. And trust me, I did not expect ANYTHING. But… Almost as soon as I sat back, I literally felt like I was being charged. Like, I could actually feel it. I convinced myself there was a mild electrical current running through me via the crystals – my friends afterwards told me that was not possible. Regardless of what was going on, it felt… heavenly.
I’ve since done a fair bit of research and unfortunately the guy who runs it – Buddha Maitreya the Christ – or… Ron Spencer – and you’ll find buried amongst the bullshit, some reports that suggest he is indeed a dodgy cult leader who will take your money, has been known to take advantage of his followers sexually and probably isn’t mates with the Dalai Llama.
As for pyramid power – this too is unlikely to heal you, or make razor blades sharp again… but, I must say I think it’s a great idea to have a place like that in a busy shopping area set up so people can come, sit back and relax for a change. And it’s free, so it really isn’t a bad thing. I’d like to see more places like that, like introverted little hubs in busy public areas. But y’no, without the cult stuff.
We headed back for dinner and went to our final dip into the esoteric: a goddess circle. Featuring the goddess Freyja and the Völva, which is some kind of Norse shaman. I don’t know if the lady who gave the workshop or whatever you want to call it was a ‘Völva’ herself… or just a pleasant lady who had a nice voice and a wild imagination.

Regardless, I did not like this. Mostly because the facilitation was terrible and I just didn’t get anything from the guided aspect. It was unhelpful – and I went away with little other than a vague interest in learning more about the legends of Freyja but not exactly happy with the method of delivery.
I don’t know what to take from the experiences this weekend, but I do know a lot of it comes back to being true to myself and pursuing my desires with boldness and sheer trust. Did I get that from the Archangel Michael, the Pleidians, someone claiming to be the Buddha reincarnated or a Norse goddess? OR did I get it from really great chats with some of my favourite people, in a beautiful part of the world?

Fun rating: 9.5/10