What what – an introvert at a conference!?
I know – but remember I do like a challenge…

This was an unexpectedly fun part of my week, and my conclusion for why this was is… FOCUS.
My funk last week, I believe, is down to a lack of focus.
A feeling that is definitely disturbing to type-A MUST BE ACHIEVING folk like myself.
Focussing on a speaker at a conference is much like the equivalent of watching a film at the cinema vs. watching Netflix at home. Your focus is increased. I bet you aren’t scrolling through Instagram at the cinema.

Fun rating: 7.5/10


I did leave at lunchtime (6 speakers is quite enough for me, thank you) but I feel that was the perfect dose of though-provoking information, lots of tips and a lot of people to carry me into the weekend!
(NOTE: This is also the first ever off-the-cuff podcast I’ve recorded, so if you want the full low down – word fluff and all – definitely listen to the full episode.)