If you read the title, you’ll know already that I did not uphold my planned fun activity this week which was to go to a car boot sale.

Unfortunately the British springtime weather just didn’t seem appropriate for a wander around parked cars on the 9th floor of a car park.
So I did what any sensible introvert would do and went to a museum.
If I’m honest, staying in doors would arguably have been as much fun.
Back to back cups of tea and episodes of Girls, being entertained by Lena Dunham and the crew.
But I know myself well enough to remember: staying in doors all day ends up making me quite a grump, come 4pm.
I did attempt to entertain myself indoors: I rearranged the furniture in my bedroom which was satisfying.
But then I was finished… and only 20 minutes had passed.
I think this need for novelty is to do with my high sensation seeking nature, which often conflicts with my high sensitivity and introversion, it’s a push pull situation that can really make decision making tough at times like this.
Past of me says stay inside where is dry and safe, part of me says get out and experience the new!
If you want to know more about that high sensation seeking and high sensitivity dynamic duo, I recommend checking out the podcast I recorded with Dr Ken Carter.
Ok so the museum.
To be fair, this place is all of a 5 minute walk from where i live,so i really didn’t have much of an excuse not to go.
Actually, if it wasn’t for the year of fun, I’d probably never get round to going. .. it’s that weird phenomenon that happens when you live somewhere with lots on your doorstep but never go because they’re so close to home. You’ll get round to it one day.

The museum of Brighton and Hove is… Small. And charming.
I watched a lovely film with lots of footage from the early 20th century of the city, stuff like the Queen coming to visit Brighton and smiling placidly at the mobs.

I think the Queen is probably an introvert. Talk about the wrong kind of career…

My highlight was a collection of old fashioned toys, scary dolls and we’ll loved teddy bears.
I never really grew out of my fascination with toys on some level… so it’s nice to revel in that and call it culture.

All in all, I guess it’s a…

Fun Rating: 5/10

Not bad for a rainy day.

Car boot sale

Next week’s fun activity is…
Go to a car-boot sale! Er… again!
I’m determined to make this happen – but it is still weather dependent.