Everything we’ve experienced to this point plays a part in our overall story.
And they don’t all have to flow together neatly into some overused Heroes Journey (though, it is overused for a reason, I’ll grant you.)

The story I most often tell is how I left my job. I use this to illustrate how vital it was for me when I finally started paying attention to my introversion.

But you might not know about the time I first built an online course. Which was an abominable fail. I didn’t sell one, not a sausage.

Now, I tell this to clients and when I give talks or do workshops on building a career online, in order to illustrate how bloody important it is to do thorough testing before putting your heart & soul into something.

I also have stories I may never share: stories of unrequited love, rejection, regret, shame. These stories are for me: their purpose isn’t to remind me of the harshness of life or my wounds: they are here to remind me that I lived through them, and came out the other side, a little bruised and battered, but stronger for it. It doesn’t matter if they pale in comparison to stuff you hear about on the news or read about in memoirs. They still have their place.

In each story, I can see part of me that transformed because of that pain or challenge or disappointment. I wouldn’t want to forget them, because they are part of me today. Just like you know not to fuck with the past when you’ve got a time machine: I know I wouldn’t change a thing because God knows what I’d be like without those experiences.

On this episode of The Creative Introvert I’m talking about stories. More specifically… your story. I delve into the power of stories in both your creative business success as well as your experience of life in general.

FREEBIE: Write Your Story Template

Before you dive in to the show, I want to tell you that I’ve made you a template which will help you structure your very own story. I personally hate starting with a blank page, and it can be hard to see a structure in our own lives. So, I made this guide to make it super easy for you to do just that.

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Resources mentioned:

More on Narrative Therapy 
The Hero with a Thousand Faces by Joseph Campbell
Stoicism for Creative Intoverts


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