The concept that we all, by our nature, approach tasks and accomplishing things differently actually came as a bit of a surprise to me.
l figured the kids I went to school with who left their homework till the last minute or often arrived late to class, were just… naughty. Like, they must hate school even more than I did and might even enjoy detention in some weird masochistic way.
It wasn’t until I became good friends with one of them that actually loved school, got good grades and even though she left everything till the last minute, the teachers generally loved her.
Now, I understand that my friend is a Perceiving type. I on the other hand am a Judging type.
If you’re familiar with Myers Briggs, you’ve calmed on to what all this means, but for everyone else: then two functions Perceiving and Judging are about how we approach life: either in an open, flexible way (p) or in a structured, orderly way (J) – which is what this episode of the Self Knowledge mini-series is going to dive into.

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