Not exactly a topic I’ve talked much about or even mentioned in the Creative Introvert podcast so far. May be something to do with my INTJ android-like personality, but really I have no excuse.
We know that even the hardiest Thinking types need a little tender lovin’ care – whether it’s from a partner, or in the simple friendship of an old pal. Or y’know, from your pet gecko.
Whatever your source of love is, isn’t the topic of today’s show. what I want to talk about is the way we prefer to receive and to give love: also known as our love language.
This is a concept coined by Gary Chapman, author of the book The 5 Love Languages amongst others: your love language can be identified by asking yourself: what makes you feel loved? What do you desire above all else from others?
Or on the flip side, what hurts you, or makes you feel unloved?
It can also be seen in how we express our love and appreciation to others.
The importance of understanding our own lore language as well as that of those around us is really really important, may be the most important in this Self-Knowledge series.
After all, if you can’t communicate your love and appreciation to someone else or receive it from them because you’re speaking two different languages, it’s going to have a pretty detrimental effect on the relationship.

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