The point of this mini-series is, quite simply to help you discover more about… you.
Self-knowledge is arguably the most critical catalyst in personal development : how you manage your energy, how you interact with others, where your strengths lie… Not to mention a key player in business success.
When you know yourself, you can make decisions more effectively, have greater clarity on where you want to go, what you want to be doing, and how you do it best: when you’re at your most creative.
Ok, so if you’re not sold just yet, what if I told you I could make this self knowledge super simple: breaking every aspect of the journey down into easy to digest podcast episodes?
Well, hopefully that’s enough to convince you: it’s happening anyway.
I’m pushing pause on interviews for a wee bit while I run this Self Knowledge for Creative Introverts mini-series and over the next 10 weeks I’ll be guiding you through the ultimate self-knowledge series.
We’ll tackle:


  • Your past – what has made you, you
  • Your learning style – how you take in and absorb information
  • The way you experience the world & process information (N/S, HSS, HSP)
  • Your love language – how do you receive and give love
  • What inspires you – what fuels your creative fire
  • The way you make decisions
  • The environment you thrive in
  • The way you get stuff done
  • Your ‘shadow’ self
  • Your dreams – what you (really) want


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