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Discovering Your Personal Daimon

This book will take you on an adventure to discovering your personal daimon, using approaches grounded in ancient theories and practices, leaving you with no doubts that there is indeed a guiding force in your life, and that you can get to know intimately what – and who – that is.

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Your Daimon Diary

Part workbook, part journal, Your Daimon Diary was created to help you put into action the exercises and practices outlined in Discovering Your Personal Daimon, and more importantly, benefit from ongoing communication with your personal daimon.

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Embrace Your Daimon Course

A 10-week course to explore the dance of fate and destiny, and decode the clues of the daimon in your astrological birth chart to help guide your path.


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The Moon Course

Learn about the mythology, astrology and philosophy of the Moon  and begin a relationship with the lovely luminary that you can continue to grow for the rest of your life.


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