Oh boy do I have a show for you today… I’m actually a bit nervous about airing this one, purely because it’s quite revealing about my current belief system and if you haven’t heard me chat about this stuff before, and you happen to be particularly skeptical of such things, then… I don’t blame you if you want to stop listening.

But on the off chance that you’re an open-minded creative introvert who is willing to leave prejudices at the door in the quest for self knowledge and on a grander scale, a deeper understanding of life itself, then you might find this episode both useful and entertaining.

Anyway, that’s my warning. Today’s guest is Sam Reynolds, and I don’t want to spoil any surprises about the topic of our conversation today so I’m just going to get straight into the interview. Enjoy.
We cover:

  • How Sam has learned to embrace his introversion
  • How he went from trying to disprove astrology to being a full-time astrologer
  • Why astrology doesn’t need to be classified as a science
  • What the Five Love Languages are
  • How your Myers-Briggs type relates to Five Love Languages
  • How Myers-Briggs types relate to the classical temperaments
  • Should astrology be self-diagnostic?
  • How all these different tests and models can be useful for self-knowledge
  • How learning anything often begins with black and white thinking
  • Why astrology’s latest Renaissance might come to a stop

Links mentioned:

sam reynolds astrology quote

The Seeker and the Skeptic
Carl Jung on Astrology
Franz Mesmer
The Five Love Languages
Myers Briggs Type test
The Enneagram series
Keirsey Bates Sorter
Heidi Prieb
The Moment of Astrology by Geoffrey Cornelius
Helen Palmer
My personal astrology playground
Dorian Giesler Greenbaum
Connect with Sam
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