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At the time of recording this episode, it’s the end of the summer in the Northern Hemisphere and I’m feeling the urge to take stock of the last few months and review the progress I’ve made and basically prepare myself for moving forward into my second favourite season of the year, Autumn (or Fall, if you’re that way inclined.)

For the record: my favourite season is Spring.

OK so it’s kind of like there are harvest vibes in the air. And I really like the idea of aligning how I approach my business and creative pursuits and life in general with a seasonal approach. Energetically, it just makes sense. And even from a practical perspective it could make sense to have this seasonal approach: I’m not a mum but I know that a lot of kids go back to school in September, starting a new year. I think part of me still gets the shits every September with that anxiety that comes with starting a new year at school, even though it’s been a decade since I’ve been in formal education.

So rather than trying to ignore whatever anxiety or anticipation we might feel at this time of year, why not work with it? Turn that nervous energy into something we can productively use in our creative businesses?
This brings me to what my recommendation is on todays podcast: reviewing your progress.

And before I dive in, I just want to acknowledge much of todays episode comes from a chapter in my book, The Creative Introvert: How to Build a Business You Love on Your Terms, though I’ve added quite a bit of extra juice here.

Oh and I’ve made a little free pdf guide that will help you m=put everything I chat about today into actual ACTION! It’s a Progress Tracker and it’s basically going to walk you through the suggestions I make today, help you crack through your own progress review and make plans for the rest of the year. You can use it any time actually, not just at harvest time – unless you’re an actual farmer and intend on using it for those purposes.

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