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OK so two weeks ago I gave you my foolproof sleep routine, which I hope was helpful if you have been struggling with sleep and tried any of those tips out. Or you listened to the show and fell asleep, which I will also take credit for.

Today I thought I’d provide a little bookend to our sleep chat, with some ideas I have about morning routines. Basically, how you spend the first half hour to 2 hours of your day, which I believe is just as important if not more so than how you end the day.

I know I may be biased as I am most definitely a morning person and always have been according to my somewhat grumpy parents. That said, I do firmly believe that everyone can benefit with an intentional, well thought out morning routine. Actually, night owls will especially benefit from it, because it can make the difference between dragging yourself out of bed like a reluctant teenager (no offence to teenagers) and actually looking forward to waking up because you get to have this amazing experience upon waking.

I may be hyping this up a little too much, but that’s only because I’ve spent many years exploring this in my own life, and studying the morning routines of awesome creative people. All I can say is: starting your day right is something worth playing with.

Download your Free Guide to Creating Your Perfect Morning Routine Below!

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Here are some resources I mentioned:

Morning Ritual

Meditation.Live app
Daily Rituals: How Artists Work by Mason Currey
The Artists Way – Julia Cameron
Insight Timer



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