The Moon Course

 Learn about the mythology, astrology and philosophy of the Moon over the course of eight weeks, and begin a relationship with the lovely luminary that you can continue to grow for the rest of your life.

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Who or what, then, is the moon? It is part of ourselves, and revolves with us. It is our celestial affinity—of whose order is it said, “Their angels do always behold the face of My Father.”

~ Anna Kingsford 

Who or what is the moon?

The Moon is the Earth’s one and only satellite; accompanying us on our orbit around the Sun, showing us her changing faces and illuminating the night sky like no other planetary body when she is at her most full.

A source of reflection for us earthlings for millennia, the Moon has been worshipped and feared, studied and probed, embraced and rejected. Whilst her dark side may always remain a mystery to us, there is an endless treasure trove to be explored if we choose to get to know her.

This course is designed to take you through the mysteries and magic of the Moon, exploring her from various angles and through a variety of lenses. I personally do not believe any course can ever fully encompass all Luna has to offer us, I do hope that I can take you on a rich and exciting journey to the Moon, and bring some of her mysteries down to earth.

Class One: Meeting the Moon

  • Contemplate how the Moon is believed to have been formed
  • Discover the different mythological cloaks the Moon has worn across time and culture
  • Learn about the very real effects the Moon has on our Earthly plane
  • Understand the Moon’s place in planetary hierarchy, and how this has informed Western Astrology
  • Explore some traditional significations of the Moon in Astrology

Class Two: The Many Faces of the Moon

  • Learn about the different phases (or faces) of the Moon, and the way they have been understood from the perspective of various astrologers.
  • Understand how to identify the phase of the Moon you were born under.
  • Play with interpreting our Moon phases, and using this wisdom in our daily lives.

Classes Three & Four: The Moon in Your Birth Chart (1 & 2)

  • Over two classes, we delve into the Astrology of the Moon.
  • Learn about the difference between day charts and night charts.
  • Understand the Moon through each sign of the Zodiac.
  • Learn how to interpret a ‘fallen’ Moon and work with the dignities of the luminary.
  • Interpret the Moon in each house or life area.
  • Understand how aspects to other planets can modify the meaning of. theMoon in your birth chart.

*Please note that a beginners understanding of Astrology is helpful here, but NOT essential. Email me at: hello@catroseastrology.com if you are unsure.

Class Five: Walking with the Moon

  • In this class we will begin working with the Moon in real-time.
  • Develop practices to integrate into your daily life through working with the Moon.
  • Receive journal prompts to reflect on at various stages of the Moon’s monthly cycle.
  • Learn how to work with the Moon’s creative and generative energies, as well as her receptive and intuitive side.

Class Six: The Movements of the Moon

  • Learn about Eclipses; what they are, their meaning and how to interpret eclipses in your birth chart.
  • Learn about the Void of Course Moon, and different approaches to working with this time period.
  • Learn about the Out of Bounds Moon, and what this can mean in a birth chart.

Class Seven: Predictive Lunar Techniques

  • In this class we explore the Progressed Moon cycle and how to predict significant turning points in your life.
  • We will also look at the prenatal lunation/syzygy and how this can be interpreted in your birth chart.

Class Eight: Closing Circle & Review

  • Finally, we complete our time together by reflecting on what we have learned.
  • Integrate the lessons gleaned from the Moon.
  • Discuss ways that we will continue our journey with the Moon in our daily lives.
  • Ask any last questions.
  • Option to share some art or poetry that you have been inspired to create through working with the Moon.

Ready to go to the Moon!?

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Any questions? Please email: hello@catroseastrology.com