If you’re someone who has told yourself you’re not wired for marketing, not made for talking to the masses about what you do and think of yourself as a walking disaster when it comes to selling… you’re not alone.

I’ll be the first to admit, as a hardcore introvert: many of the tactics and skills preached by typical marketing and sales ‘gurus’ rub me up the wrong way. I know how difficult it is to blow our own trumpet, and I’m certainly not recommending you do something that makes you feel slimy and inauthentic.

My chat last on last week’s episode with Sarah Santacroce about marketing that feels good vs marketing that feels shitty has inspired today’s podcast – I want to basically outline what I’ve seen in my time in the creative introvert community when it comes to our very common anxieties around marketing.


Here are the scheduling tools I mentioned:

Later.com (my current choice)


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