This is a bit of a different episode of the Creative Introvert… I’m going to share the recording of my recent monthly astrology forecast meetups with you. Already I can here many of you skipping this podcast, I know not everyone will be into this – I’m sharing it for those who are and for those who are maybe a bit astro-curious…

I know before I got the astrology bug, I thought it was complete nonsense… I actually had no idea how diverse the field is, and so even if you think you know what astrology is about, I hope this will give you a taste of the kind of astrology I’m learning, practicing and loving.

So if this is well received, I’ll start playing the recording each month. If it’s not for you, no worries, hopefully you’ll stick around for the other shows – I see it like the Joe Rogan MMA episodes, which I always skip. I still love Rogan, but I’m not going to listen to those fight ones: not for me.

Last thing, if you’re interested in attending the next astro meetup live and the next Creative Moon Circle (next weekend, 5th July) you can! Just visit patreon.com/creativeintro and you’ll see the options to support the show and get access to these events.

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Astrology Readings from Cat


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