This is a bit of a controversial one because I talk so much about introversion and shaping your life to your personality and preferences, which I’m still all for. I do believe we can make better decisions based on what we know about ourselves, what we tend to behave like what we prefer, where we shine and so on.

However, I’m also sorely aware of a lot of people out there who are letting introversion hold them back from living a full life. I mean, technology isn’t helping either. If I can get all the social stim I need from a 10 minute back and forth on Whatsapp, and get all my entertainment from Netflix and order literally everything I need on Amazon… then I can really let introversion dominate.

Here are some of the links I mentioned:

Carl G. Jung on introversion
A version of the Myers-Briggs test I like
Big 5/OCEAN Model
Networking for Introverts
Effective Goal Setting 



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