One of the ways I work with people is as a coach, someone to help guide you in a creative project, whether it’s a one off like getting a marketing strategy together or building a website or launching an online course – or find a creative direction that will be aligned to your personality, preferences and superpowers.

And when I’m working with people, one of the most common pain points is basically related to getting shit done. Like… you have the idea, the vision, you have the intention or goal, you have the desire. But… something gets in your way.

And over the course of 4ish years since working with people 1-1 like this, the most common issue I see around getting things done is: people don’t know whether they are a starter, finisher or pivoter and (even if they do know) they aren’t working in a way to make the most out of their type.

So, my plan for today is to help you identify which type you are and once you know, help you figure out what to do about it to make getting things done easier and more enjoyable than ever before.

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