This episode is titled something like 5 tips for embracing your inner weird, and creating great work but the real title, the secret title is actually: 5 Lessons From a 6 ft 3.5” Rabbit.

So this rabbit I mentioned goes by the name of Harvey, and he is a pooka.

Some of you will already know who or what I’m talking about but for everyone else, don’t worry, I haven’t totally lost the plot: I’m talking about the rabbit from the 1950s classic film Harvey, based on a play and featuring the charming James Stewart.

Why is this relevant?

I could be making an episode about any of my other fave films (Dumb and Dumber, Jacob’s Ladder, Spirited Away…) but I’m not, don’t worry. The reason Harvey is so relevant I feel, is because I’m interested in the sense that many creative introverts I know have, which is that we’re somehow on the outside, that we don’t fit in, that we’re not approved of by society, that we’re somehow doing “it” wrong (whatever it is.) Just that sense of otherness.

And that can make living the life of a creative and actually fulfilling our true dreams and pursuing our true calling/path VERY difficult. I touched on this in the Self-esteem episode, but basically: we’re all programmed to do our best to fit in to society because it makes us feel safe, it’s the smart thing to do in order to survive and not be totally outcast and left to defend ourselves.

The problem is of course, we end up squashing our creative spirit, going against our daimon in many cases, and ultimately feeling quite miserable.

So. Thankfully I have some help from my rabbit friend, and that’s what I’m sharing in today’s episode of The Creative Introvert!

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