How to Get out of a Creative Funk

I know I’m not the only one who has ever found themselves in a creative funk. You know, being in a state of uncertainty, confusion, overwhelm, apathy… whatever the flavour a funk takes, I can for sure attest that isn’t pleasant. In addition to making daily life a grind, they make doing creative work hard or nearly impossible.

Note that this podcast is intended just as a guide to show you how to get out of a creative funk, but if you have prolonged sadness, anxiety or feel like this mood is affecting your life in any significant way: please please do ask for professional help. There are loads of people who are qualified to help with mental health, I am not one of them.

Here are some resources, which I’ve vetted and believe in wholeheartedly:
Resource for coping with depression
International suicide prevention hotlines
Depression support groups (UK)
Depression support groups (USA)
CBT Therapists (UK)
CBT Therapists (USA)



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