Community Events

Regular events, held online. No pressure to give awkward introductions, just a safe place for humans to connect and make BIG talk.

Astrology Events

Monthly Astrology Forecast

Monthly Astrology Forecast Meetups are held online, on the last weekend of the month. I will go through each of the prominent transits for the month ahead, and we can discuss the astro-weather and how to best navigate it.

We can also look at your own birth chart and see how specific transits might play out for you!

Creative Moon Circles

Creative Moon Circles are also held each month, on the Full Moon. I take you through what each month’s Full Moon can mean for you creatively (we can also look at your birth chart!) and will provide you with several journal prompts to guide your “moonth” ahead.

All of these monthly events are included when you join at the $10 level on Patreon.

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***More Coming Soon!***

“The most daring thing is to create stable communities in which the terrible disease of loneliness can be cured.”

~ Kurt Vonnegut

Why would an introvert want a community?!

I’m all for spending time alone, and I make sure I get plenty of it. But I also know that even us introverts have our limits. At some point, we need to connect with others. 

But who we connect with and how we connect is key to not experiencing energy burn-out and basic introvert crankiness.

That’s why crafting these online community events is so important to me: I want to set a standard for facilitating engaging, inspiring events, but more importantly is the space that these events take place. 

When you join one of these events, you might feel a bit nervous at first. Who will be there? What will they be like? What will be expected of me? What happens if I need to pee!?

My job is to make sure those (totally natural) nerves are put to ease, and that you feel no pressure to be a certain way or to do a certain… anything, really. For your first event (and maybe several more) feel free to take your time, kick back, take it all in. I pride myself on crafting a safe, friendly and supportive environment, and one where we can have a laugh too!

Ready to join us?

These events are available when you sign up via Patreon. You can attend as many or as few as you like, and it’s easy to cancel your subscription any time.


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