People are weird.
l don’t know about you but understanding myself is hard enough, let alone the behaviour of others.
This is one of the reasons I’m a self-confessed junkie of personality type testing.

If you listened to any of the Self Knowledge Series – the 10 part series that l published at the tail end of 2017, you might be familiar with some of my favourite typologies or at least the ones I’ve found most helpful in my personal life and my creative business career.
If you missed it, you can scroll back through the archives or download my free, 68-page handbook that takes you through each of the type tests and explains how to use them in a practical way.
Find that here.
That said, the series is by no means complete. There are MANY more typologies out there, some more useful than others, but plenty worth checking out.
The one that has most recently got me excited is definitely not new, and I’m sure many of you will be familiar with it, and that’s the Enneagram.
So… what IS the Enneagram? And why do you need to know about yet ANOTHER typology?
Well that’s what I’ll be covering in today’s podcast, and over the next several weeks.

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