If you remember back to 2018, my theme for that year was FUN. I attempted my year of fun, trying one new fun thing a week, and I learned a lot in the process about what I call fun.

This year I decided to focus on… adventure. I’m still not sure what I mean by adventure, but this is what the dictionary says:

“an undertaking usually involving danger and unknown risks”

It’s safe to say I had a year of adventure then. The difference between fun and adventure for me, is that fun is light. Breezy. Joyful. Relaxing. Adventure, on the other hand… might involve peril. Struggle. Challenge. Overcoming fear. Employing courage, embracing the unexpected, encountering the unknown.

So in January 2019, I left my home by the sea in Hove, gave up my flat, gave up a bunch of my possessions all in order to do the digital nomad thing for one year.

I travelled in 3 continents, visited 10 countries and made dozens of new friends.

Now rather than just telling you about my travel stories which I’m sure are only interesting to me, I thought I’d wrap this year up with 12 lessons (one for each month) that I learned from being a digital nomad (I kind of cringe at that label) and what I’m going to do to embody those lessons in 2020.

I don’t know if this will resonate with you, but I hope it does. If you’ve been listening for a while, we’ve probably got a lot in common, even beyond our creative introverted-ness, and I’d like to think there’s one takeaway in this episode that you can take into 2020 too. Maybe we can keep each other accountable in the new year too.

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