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12-week online program:

Embrace Your


Explore the dance of fate and destiny, and decode the clues of the daimon in your astrological birth chart to help guide your path.

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Discover Your Personal Daimon:
A 6-Week Study Course

This course is currently closed to new students.
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Have you ever felt yourself being pulled towards something, a calling you can’t quite explain?

A calling to paint, write, dance, sing, travel, teach…? Whatever you’ve felt, and whether you’ve followed that call or not, that is the work of your personal daimon.

The daimon goes by many names and guises. For some, it’s their Holy Guardian Angel. For others, it’s their calling. Others see it as trickster, or worse, a demon.

In this 12-week online program, we explore the cultural variations on the Daimon, its origins and why it’s been so sought after (intellectually, spiritually or otherwise) for thousands of years.

We’ll focus on the use of astrology to understand the personal Daimon, identify your own daimonic experiences, and discover the spirit of your personal Daimon. In addition, we will look at several other techniques and ancient methods to communicate with your Daimon.

If you’ve been aching to learn more about the guiding force in your life, and feel ready to dive deeper into this exploration of the self, spirit and beyond… then I’d love to invite you to this journey with me.

the daimon

What is Embrace Your Daimon?

This is a comprehensive online program and ongoing inquiry into a world that has captivated me for several years. The result of studying the subject of the daimon, across time and culture, in myth and philosophy, in religion and astrology, has culminated in this 12-week program.

When you enroll, you become part of a growing community of curious likeminds, individuals across the world who are uniting in the call of their personal daimons. Each week we will meet on Zoom, and over the course of an hour, I’ll take you into the realm of the imaginal, the fantastical, the daimonic.

You’ll also receive technical classes on the astrology of the daimon, which build successively on each other. If you’re already of the stars, this will further deepen your understanding of fate, destiny and the role of choice in your life and how it reveals itself in your birth chart.

The aim of this program is to help you become better acquainted (or reacquainted!) with the guiding force you came into this world with, as well as helping you to remember who you are and what you agreed to live in this lifetime. In achieving this, we are infinitely better equipped to meet the slings and arrows of fortune.

Who is it for?

The call of the daimon shows itself in a multitude of ways. As a child, you might have had an obsession with a particular book or activity. As a teen, maybe you fought against what your parents or teachers drove you towards. In more recent years, maybe it has shown itself as a mysterious illness, a lethargy, a resentment… the pains of a daimonic call gone unanswered.

Regardless, you know something is calling you towards a particular path, and your curiosity (how it often speaks to us) will not leave you alone. If you feel the call has led you here, then this program could very well be the next step along that path.

“If we are to find creative ways of living together and healing both culture and nature, the awakening of individual genius (daimon) may be the deepest, most imaginative way to approach the seemingly impossible tasks that face us all.”

Michael Meade

What you’ll learn:

  • The origins of the personal daimon
  • Different cultural approaches to the personal daimon
  • The implications of following the call of the daimon
  • How creativity relates to the daimon
  • Ways to work creatively with our personal daimons
  • The spiritual purpose of the daimon
  • The dangers of following the daimon blindly
  • How the daimon is sewn into the fabric of our birth chart
  • Four astrological approaches to understanding the daimon
  • Other practices to connect with our personal daimons

This course is currently closed for enrollment. If you’d like to be updated when it opens again, please click the button below!


Discover Your Personal Daimon:
A 6-Week Study Course

This course is currently closed to new students.
To find out when the next course will begin, simply add your email below! 

I respect your privacy and you will only be notified about this course – no spam, ever!

Embrace Your Daimon Full Curriculum:

Class I: What is the Daimon?


  • Learn about the origins of the word
  • Understand the daimon as a Soul Guide
  • Explore different cultural references to the personal daimon
  • Learn the implications of following the call of the daimon

 In our first class together we will look at the mysterious origins of the daimon, and where the personal daimon has showed itself in the lives of many influential figures in history, from Socrates to Jung. We will also turn to the realm myth to deepen our understanding of the place of the personal daimon in our lives.

Class II: The Daimon and Creativity


  • The daimon as a muse
  • Why attribute creative work to our daimons?
  • Examples of famous creatives and their daimons
  • How do we know our daimon is guiding us?
  • The plight of the creative daimon
  • How to create with your daimon

In this class, we’ll explore the role of the daimon in the creative process, regardless of whether you have ever lifted a paintbrush. Creativity isn’t an exclusive trait: this is for everyone who has ever had an idea and seen it through to manifest reality. 

Class III: The Daimon and Spirituality


  • The daimon as a god
  • The daimon as part of us
  • The daimon as a go-between
  • The spiritual side of the daimon
  • How to connect with your daimon spiritually

In this class, we turn to the theology of the daimon, and try to find a place for it in our belief systems. We take inspiration from a variety of cultures and spiritual practices to explore our relationship with the personal daimon, and what it means for our relationship with the Divine.

“Whoever… scrutinizes his mind… will find his own natural work, and will find likewise his own star and daemon, and following their beginnings he will thrive and live happily. Otherwise, he will find fortune to be adverse, and he will feel that heaven hates him.”

Marsilio Ficino

Class IV: The Dark Side of the Daimon


  • The daimon as a demon?
  • The history of the demonisation of the daimon
  • Dysdaimonic possession
  • Ignoring the daimon
  • Turning the dysdaimonic to eudaimonic
  • How to live with your daimon (and stay sane)

Next, we explore the dark side of the daimon, from what happens when we ignore its call, to what happens when we follow it blindly. We explore the confusion between the daimon and the demon, and why our ancestors may have made this mistake.

Finally, we take a look at different influential figures in history and tales of their encounters with the daimonic, in the hope to learn from them.

Class V: Astrology and the Daimon


  • What did the ancient astrologers believe?
  • Why would knowing our fate matter?
  • What does astrology have to do with the daimon?
  • What were the different approaches to finding the daimon with astrology?

To introduce the following classes on astrological techniques that can point to the fingerprints of the daimon in our lives, we will first take an in-depth look at the theory that grounds the daimon in the practice of astrology, and it’s rich cultural and historical roots.

The aim of this class is to get us thinking about fate and destiny, fortune and daimon, and our own ability to make virtuous choices.

Free bonus when you enroll!

A beginners-level understanding of astrology will be helpful for the astrology classes (the meaning of the planets, houses and signs, as well as an understanding of planetary dignities.) Please email me if you have any questions about this.

For those who just need some reminders, I have created a downloadable PDF guide, which will serve as a quick reference guide for looking up what planet is at home in what sign, bound rulers and much more!

This guide is totally FREE and you will receive it when you enroll!

***The Astrology of the Daimon***

Class VI: The Places of Daimon

In the first of our astrology classes, we will look at Daimon’s other half, Tyche a.k.a. Fortune. This will provide a foundation to build upon as we explore further techniques. 

We will also take an in-depth look at the places (houses) of good and bad daimon, the 11th and the 12th, studying chart examples as we go.

Class VII: The Lots of Daimon

In this class, we will go further into the astrology of the daimon, as we take a look at the Lots of Daimon and Fortune, exploring their origin and esoteric meaning.

We will look at a range of interpretations of the lots, and see practical ways of applying this technique in looking at our own birth charts.

Classes VIII & IX: The Calendar of the Daimon

The next two classes will be focussed around a more advanced technique, known as Zodiacal Releasing. 

We will explore this as a way to understand the “calendar of the daimon” and take time to apply this technique, again using our own charts as a reference.

Class X & XI: The Daimon as Ruler of the Nativity

Our final two astrology classes will culminate in identifying the spirit of the daimon in our birth charts. We will explore ancient techniques, identifying the oikodespotes, or Master of the Nativity, as well as the kurios, or Lord of the Nativity; and contemplate which (if any) of these planets can tell us about our personal daimons. Again, chart examples will be used throughout!

Class XII: Cultivating an Ongoing Relationship with the Daimon


  • Integration of what we have learned over the past 3 months
  • An exploration of practices we can take into our daily lives, as a way to continue our communication with the personal daimon
  • Troubleshooting (like, how do I know it’s my daimon?!)
  • Any final questions
  • Closing circle

“The daimon alone moves all, governs all, orders all our affairs. For it perfects the reason, moderates passions, inspires nature, maintains the body, provides the accidentals, fulfils the decrees of fate and bestows gifts from providence; and this one being is king of all that is in us and all that has to do with us, steering our whole life.”


How to make the most out of this course

One concern many of us have before undertaking a course of any kind is: do I have time and space for this in my life?

This course has been designed to – ideally – permeate into your whole life. If attended to consciously, it will open up questions, ideas, possibilities and insights about your past, present and future. Questions will be answered, but ideally, many more will be formed than I or anyone else can help you with.

The way to make the most out of this course is to set aside 1–2 hours a week (classes will be between 60–90 minutes, max.) And commit, wholeheartedly, to your relationship with the daimon.

If you can’t attend class live because of time zone differences or other commitments, you can still take part by watching the recordings, which you will have unlimited access to.

My only recommendation would be to try to watch each video within one week from the live class. You might set aside a set time each week that works for you, ideally in a comfortable environment free from distractions. Bring a notepad and pen to catch any ideas / daimon whisperings before they float away.

Testimonials from previous students:

“The course was really inspiring and Cat has a clear and enthusiastic way of explaining things. The slides were informative and many of them breathtakingly beautiful.”
“I loved the the personal touches, looking at each other’s birth charts! I would recommend this course to students of astrology and those with a spiritual interest.”
“I really enjoyed diving into the astrological concepts related to the daimon. This program is for every seeker of a meaningful life journey…”

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to have an astrological background to take this course?

Half of this program does not require an astrological background. The other half… well, it would help to have some basic knowledge of the meaning of the planets, the signs, the houses, aspects and dignities. If you do not have this background already, you can still get a lot out of the course, but you may find the astrological content overwhelming.

I’ll be supplying you with a PDF guide that will remind you of the meanings of the planets, signs and houses and some other key elements that will be helpful during the course. And I’ll always be available to answer your questions!

What is Cat’s astrological background?

I mostly practice traditional or “Hellenistic” astrology. This course will be following ancient theory and techniques as closely as possible, which means you will be using the Whole Sign house system, and the traditional 7 planets. 

I have studied under Acyuta-bhava Das and Chris Brennan, and am certified by both in Ancient/Hellenistic Astrology and Electional and Horary Astrology. 

Astrology is consistently embedded into my daily life, and I also offer astrology readings.

Is financial support available?

Yes! Please email me to tell me about your circumstances, and I’ll see what we can do: hello@catroseastrology.com

How do I attend live?

Classes will be held on Zoom. To join a Zoom meeting, all you need is the invite URL or meeting ID, which I will send you before the course begins and before each class. You do not need a Zoom login to join class, all you need is that meeting URL or ID. 

That said, if you want to download the Zoom app, on your phone/tablet/desktop, you can do so here.

You don’t need to have your video on, but I do like to see your faces! I will also be open to taking questions via the chat box or via audio.

Can I watch replays of the recordings?

Yes you can! Replays will be sent to you via Google Drive the following day. You do not need a Google account to download them, and they are free for you to keep. I only ask that you respect my work and don’t share recordings with people outside of the program.

What’s the class schedule?

Classes will be held every Sunday at 3pm UK time for 12 weeks from May 16th. Convert to your timezone here.

If for any reason I cannot make it, class will be pushed back by a week, and you will be notified as soon as possible.

How long does each class last?

The core class content will be no more than 60 minutes, but I will be around to answer questions for up to 30 minutes after each class.

I have another question!

You can ask away by emailing: hello@catroseastrology.com

This course is currently closed for enrollment. If you’d like to be updated when it opens again, please click the button below!


Discover Your Personal Daimon:
A 6-Week Study Course

This course is currently closed to new students.
To find out when the next course will begin, simply add your email below! 

I respect your privacy and you will only be notified about this course – no spam, ever!

You will receive a confirmation email within 24 hours of signing up.

Any questions? Just email hello@catroseastrology.com