Align with your natural cycles

The Cycle Alignment Program

For female business owners who want to free up more time in their lives, while having a bigger impact in their business.

Start living in alignment with your natural cycles.


What if instead of swimming against the tide of exhausting 9–5 + days, weekly routines that you can’t keep up with, and the pressure to be ‘consistent’, you were able to turn around, and simply go with the flow?

Well, I tried doing this and guess what? I didn’t die! In fact, I began to thrive in a way that i never imagined was possible. Here’s what you can expect when you begin to align your business and with your cycle:

Time expands! Because you are focusing on doing the right thing at the right time, everything gets way more efficient – and effective. You do more with your time, freeing up hours you never had before to spend with your loved ones, relax in nature, or simply just BE.

Your ideal clients and customers connect with you more. Different superpowers come online at different times of the month. Tapping into skills like your innate ability to empathise or to express yourself, at the right time, means your message is honed and amplified to the point people will be asking: where did you find that amazing copywriter!?

The hard stuff gets easier. Ever procrastinated on something in your business you KNOW would make a meaningful impact? Let’s be real, it just felt too difficult. This isn’t to remind you of that, but to let you know: there is a version of you that CAN do hard things! And she is available to you each and every month – if you know how to meet her.

Fundamentally, your business will start feeling like something that moves with you, not against you; that is in sync with your natural moods, energy flow, creativity and passion.

Cycle Alignment means:

  • Harnessing our peaks in energy
  • Maximising periods of focus and motivation
  • Tapping into our creativity and intuition
  • Syncing up with our body’s cycles and rhythm

When women practice Cycle Alignment:

  • They can get more done in less time, freeing up valuable hours that can be spent making memories
  • Their relationships become more easy, joyful and intimate
  • They can have greater impact through their work
  • They feel more self assured and confident in themselves and their direction in life
  • … and all while experiencing more joy, freedom and ease than ever before!

Signs you’re not aligned to your cycle…

Despite your best efforts, your hustle, your hard work, you’re not seeing the results you want in your business – or life in general.

You have high ambitions, and you’ve tried it all – the productivity planners, the workshops, the books, the pomodoro timers… but nothing seems to deliver and you feel like you’re running out of options.

You’re doing your best to be consistent, and stick to a routine you can rinse and repeat daily – because you’ve been told that that’s how success is created.

Deep down, you feel disappointed in yourself because despite your best efforts, you can’t keep up the same pace all month round. You go through bursts of creativity and motivation, only to be chased by exhaustion, low mood, and frustration.

Sometimes, you doubt you’re even doing the work you’re meant to. If it’s so hard… if these marketing strategies aren’t working for you… if your health and relationships and family life suffer as a result… then is this vision you have even sustainable?

So… why isn’t every woman aligning with her cycle? Why aren’t we all living our life in harmony with our bodies, and experiencing the benefits?

Society is designed around only the 24 hour cycle. The one that creates the 9–5 work day, the 5 day working week and rewards consistency over creativity, productivity over effectiveness, and profit over progress.

In other words, you’re not broken: the system is.

It is only through reconnecting to our bodies, innate cycles and rhythms, that we can reclaim our natural gifts and strengths and live a life of joy, ease and abundance.

This means re-thinking how we structure our lives.

The reality is: making the switch to living in alignment with our menstrual cycles is not easy. It’s simple: you just sync your actions with the different hormonal peaks and troughs of your menstrual month – but not easy.

Doing this requires planning, strategy, in-depth knowledge of the menstrual cycle, time, training and above all – support.

Naturally life has its own plans for us – and knowing how to adapt our routine – whilst still being true to our cycles, is key.


The Cycle Alignment Program

A self-paced, fail-proof crash course in cycle syncing

Whats included…

Understand Your Four-Phase Cycle

✨ Deep dive explorations of all four phases of your cycle
✨ Learn the myth, the magic and mysteries of each phase
✨ Discover how to tap into the strengths and gifts of each phase (yes, even *that* phase!)
✨ Uncover the very best time to take certain actions in your business and life as a whole, for each phase
✨ Learn what is best avoided in each phase to maximize your energy, effectiveness and enjoyment.

Tracking Your Cycle Made Easy

✨ Learn the very best questions to ask yourself each day to get to the heart of your cycle’s wisdom
✨ Download a printable and digital (fillable!) PDF journal to make tracking easy and fun
✨ Understand how to spot patterns and adapt your plans as you go.

Practical Integration – How to Go with the Flow

✨ Discover the tools required to implement your cycle-synced life in a seamless, easy customisable way
✨ Create a system that saves you time, energy and headaches – making your business more streamlined and scalable
✨ Learn the daily, monthly, quarterly and yearly practice that allow this approach to cycle syncing fail-proof and flexible, no matter what life throws at you.

The Cycle Alignment Program is for YOU if…

✓   You aren’t seeing the results you want in your business. You’re doing all the things! Or at least trying to… But no matter what, it feels like what works for others, doesn’t work for you.

✓   You’re sick of late nights, forcing yourself to work even though you’re exhausted. You’re sick of doubting yourself and procrastinating over tasks that you’re not even sure will move the needle.

✓  You don’t want to build a business on gimmicks or strategies that don’t resonate with you. You want success, but in a way that feels good, before, during and after.

✓  You have a menstrual cycle. If you do not have a regular cycle, are on hormonal birth control, or are pre- or post- menopause, you can still benefit from CAP, as I encourage syncing with the Moon as an alternative. Many women find this just as helpful.

✓  You have thought about or even tried syncing your business tasks with your cycle before, but it felt overwhelming. 



The Cycle Alignment Program is for you, if you’re ready to start living in alignment with your body’s natural rhythms, and discover how your business begins to thrive with less effort, and more joy.

Are  you ready??


The Cycle Alignment Program

A self-paced, fail-proof crash course in cycle syncing

What You’ll learn:

✨ Understand Your Four-Phase Cycle

✨ How to get to the heart of your cycle’s wisdom

✨ How to spot patterns and adapt your plans as you go

✨ Create a system that saves you time, energy and headaches

✨ Discover the tools required to make your business streamlined and scalable


•  Premenstrual Survival Guide
•  Shopping list for each Lunar phase
•  Meditations for each Lunar phase



On sale until May 10th 2023


Because I want you to get the most out of CAP, I also include some exclusive bonuses that can help you get started and that will save you a lot of time and be as effective as possible.

These will make the transition to cycle alignment even easier and faster, saving you the time and energy I put in to syncing my own cycle.

✓ Premenstrual Survival Guide

As someone who has intimate experience with both PMS (premenstrual syndrome) and PMDD (premenstrual dysphoric disorder), I knew I had to create support for those of you who also suffer with the symptoms of these conditions. This guide is designed to help you navigate what can be the most difficult phase of the month, and experience the relief that is waiting for you.

✓ Shopping lists for each phase

One of the core premises of cycle alignment is that our businesses reflect our bodies, and that if you want your business to run like a well-oiled machine, then you need to fuel your body accordingly. When you eat appropriately for each phase of our cycles, you will no longer have to think about ‘dieting’ and your brain and body will be fully supported to function at their best. These shopping lists reveal what foods to stock up on in each of the four phases.

✓  Guided Meditations for each phase

We can always benefit from taking a time out, in every phase of our cycle. These custom-created meditations will assist your goals for each phase of your cycle.

Hi! I’m Cat Rose

As an astrologer, you’d think that I would have been syncing my life with the stars for donkeys years by now…

The truth is, this was a total blindspot for me.

Whilst I devoted my attention daily to the movements of the Moon in the sky, I was not paying my inner Moon the attention it deserves.

The result? Business burn out, severe mood swings, anxiety, depression and a boat load of stress as I tried to fit my life into a daily routine, and ignored my natural monthly cycle.

Since 2018, I’ve been trying to crack the code of cycle syncing, and through much trial and error, I am now living my life in harmony with my natural cycles, and help others to do the same.

Sure, you can read books on cycle syncing, you can watch the odd YouTube video, but what I’ve found lacking is ongoing support during the initial process of what can be a major business – and life – overhaul.

That’s why I created the Cycle Alignment Program; a roadmap for women who are ready to live in accordance with their powerful monthly rhythms.

Frequently Asked Questions

about the Cycle Alignment Program

Have a pressing question?

Drop me an email and I’ll get back to your within 24 hours: hello@catroseastrology.com

What can I expect with I join the Cycle Alignment Program?

When you follow the sign up process, you will receive an email immediately with log in details for the program space.

If you have any questions at any time in your sign up process, email me: hello@catroseastrology.com

What makes people in the program successful?

I don’t just tell you what to do, I show you – and I provide feedback to boot. Just like Ikea furniture comes with a step-by-step instruction manual for assembling the furniture, you’ll get the same. Success is available for anyone who takes action.

I do not have a regular menstrual cycle / not menstruating - is this for me?

If you do not have a regular cycle, are on hormonal birth control, or are pre- or post- menopause, you can still benefit from the program, as I encourage syncing with the Moon as an alternative. Many women find this just as helpful, and many find that an irregular cycle regulates by simply syncing to the Moon.

Email: hello@catroseastrology.com to ask your questions!