crossroads to clarity

Get clarity on your true purpose and direction

Join the 5-day online journey designed to help anyone who is feeling stuck or at a crossroads in life

What to expect

By the end of this five day journey you will have…

✓ Clarity: Get a clearer understanding of your current situation and the choices available, enabling you to make more informed decisions about your future.

✓ Direction: Identify your core values, priorities, and goals, and will have develop a plan for moving forward in alignment with your desires.

✓  Empowerment: Develop a greater sense of self-awareness, self-trust, and self-confidence, enabling you to take more empowered action towards your dreams.

✓  Community: Connect with like-minded individuals who are on a similar journey, providing a supportive community for ongoing growth and development.

✓ Connection to Inner Wisdom: Learn how to tap into your inner wisdom, intuition, and guidance to make decisions and take action that is aligned with your true path.

In short, the Crossroads to Clarity journey provides a powerful opportunity for individuals to gain clarity, direction, and empowerment in their lives, and to connect with a supportive community of like-minded individuals who are committed to their personal growth journey.


Are you ready to go on this journey together?

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The Schedule:


Day 1: Reflection and Intention-setting

On our first day together, you will take some time to reflect on your current situation and identify where you are at a crossroads. Then, we’ll work together to set a clear intention for where you want to be by the end of the five days, and moving forward.

Day 2: Identifying Road Blocks

Today you will identify any negative self-talk or limiting beliefs that may be holding you back. You will be provided with tools and techniques to shift your mindset to one that is more positive and empowering.

Day 3: Cultivating a Support System

Today is an invitation to share your map with a trusted friend, partner or even someone you meet on the Crossroads to Clarity journey. You will be provided with resources and support to help you stay on track as you continue your journey.

Day 4: Receiving Directions

Explore different options and possibilities for your future. You will be gently encouraged to step out of your comfort zone and consider new opportunities that they may not have thought of before, by accessing wisdom from your inner guidance system.

Day 5: Plan Your Route

End our journey by creating an achievable action plan to manifest your intentions. This includes identifying the concrete steps you will take to get to where you want to go, setting a schedule that works with your inner cycles, and takes into account larger cycles at play.

Crossroads to Clarity is a journey for anyone who is feeling stuck or uncertain about their future. By setting clear goals, shifting limiting beliefs, exploring new possibilities, and creating an action plan, you will gain clarity and direction in your life. 

The work we do is deeply rooted in the wisdom of the Moon and lunar cycles, which can guide us through times of change and transformation. The goddess Hekate, who is often associated with crossroads and transitions, will provide us with the courage and strength we need to move forward on our paths.

By aligning with the energies of the Moon and the wisdom of Hekate, you will tap into a powerful source of guidance and support as you navigate your way towards clarity and purpose.

Begins Monday May 15th 2023

Simply add your name and email address below to join Crossroads to Clarity:


Because I want you to get the most out of the five days we have together, I’m also including some exclusive bonuses that can help you get started and that will save you a lot of time and help you be as effective as possible!

✓ The Alignment Practices Handbook

These are my personal go-to practices that I reach for every time I feel unaligned, off-track, stuck or just plain fed up! They access our body, mind and spirit and my intention in sharing them is that you can take them and make them your own, a precious collection of practices that you can rely on for getting you back on your path of alignment, ease and clarity.

✓ 29 Days of Journal Prompts

It isn’t always easy to keep up a daily reflection practice, but as you’ll learn on the Crossroads to Clarity journey, any time we can set aside for self reflection is invaluable for receiving guidance and clarity. 

This set of guided journal prompts will take you through an entire Lunar month, and help you both become attuned to your own shifts and needs throughout the lunar cycle and the natural journey the Moon takes us through.

✓  Guided Meditations for each Moon Phase

We can always benefit from taking a time out, in every phase of the lunar cycle. These custom-created meditations will assist your goals for each phase and can serve as introspective practices each Lunar month.

a 5-day guided journey

Crossroads to Clarity

A live, online program designed to help anyone who is feeling stuck or at a crossroads in life

Begins Monday May 15th 2023

Simply add your name and email address below to join Crossroads to Clarity:


    Hi! I’m Cat Rose, your red-headed guide at the crossroads…

    When I turned 30, I found myself at a crossroads in my life. I had just wrapped up a long-term contract with a client, and my tenancy in a small rented flat was coming to an end. I had many options in front of me, but no idea where to turn. All I knew was that I wasn’t happy with where I was.

    I remember feeling like I was wandering aimlessly (literally, as I travelled around the world!) without a sense of direction or purpose. I knew I needed to make a change, but I had no idea where to start.

    That’s when I turned to my new found interest in astrology and started exploring the wisdom of the planetary cycles. As I deepened my connection with these cycles, I started to gain more clarity and direction in my own life. I began to see a path forward and started taking action towards my goals.

    I created Crossroads to Clarity because I wanted to share this process with others who might be feeling stuck or uncertain about their own path. I believe that by connecting with the Moon’s wisdom and following a structured process of reflection, intention-setting, and action-planning, anyone can gain clarity and direction in their life.

    My hope is that through this challenge, you’ll discover your own unique path and gain the confidence and motivation to take action towards your goals. And who knows, you might even discover a deeper connection with yourself and the universe along the way 🙂


    What happens when I sign up?

    Once you’ve made your payment, you will receive a welcome email detailing everything you need to participate in the Crossroads to Clarity Journey.

    That includes a Zoom link which you will use each day of the challenge to attend a live Zoom call. Calls are all recorded and will be shared the following day in a recap email, as well as on a recap page which will be updated daily.

    Throughout the journey, you will have access to priority email support for feedback from Cat, as well as getting your questions answered on the live calls.

    You will also be sent a handy fillable PDF workbook that will help guide your journey.

    When does the journey begin?

    Crossroads to Clarity is a live online program, which begins on Monday May 22nd, and runs daily until Friday May 26th 2023.


    When are the live calls held?

    Calls are held on Zoom at 5pm GMT (12pm Eastern / 8am Pacific) daily, Monday 15th May–Friday 19th May 2023.

    What if I can't participate on all five days?

    While we recommend participating in all five days of the journey to get the most out of the experience, you can still benefit from the program even if you can only participate on a few days.

    All calls will be recorded, and you will have access to the material for one month following the challenge, so you can take part in your own time.

    What if I don't have a specific crossroads in my life right now?

    Even if you don’t have a specific crossroads in your life at the moment, the journey can still provide a powerful set of practices for gaining clarity, setting intentions, and taking action towards your intentions, and living life with more confidence and ease.

      Is this program suitable for everyone?

      Crossroads to Clarity is suitable for anyone who is looking to gain clarity, tap into their inner wisdom, and take empowered action towards their dreams. However, if you have specific mental health concerns, it’s important to consult with a healthcare professional before participating.

          Will I receive any support or guidance during the journey?

          Absolutely! Cat will provide daily support and guidance via email or social media posts, and you will also have access to a private community where you can connect with other participants.

                What happens after the Crossroads to Clarity journey ends?

                After the five days, we offer a monthly membership program that provides ongoing support and guidance for individuals who are committed to their personal growth journey. This program includes access to exclusive content, live coaching calls, and community support.