As you probably know if you’ve been listening to my podcast for any amount of time; I’ve been curious about personality type psychology as well as creativity and how creativity manifests itself in different people for several years. I did NOT expect astrology to come into the picture… until it did (more about that story here.)

Steadily, astrology has become a fundamental part of how I see the world and how I understand myself, my introversion and my creativity as well as the traits and preferences of those around me.

Recently I decided it was high time I investigated what the birth chart – the astrological map of the sky at the moment we are born – can tell us about creativity and introversion in any individual.

I’ve been amazed at what the birth chart can show us about creativity and introversion, and studying astrology has helped me understand these terms more deeply. Hopefully, this video will help give you a deeper understanding too, and learn about your creativity and introversion in a way that is specific to you as an individual.

I made this video to show you what the birth chart can reveal about creativity and introversion and how we can each fulfil our creative potential and work with our personality and preferences.

A big thank you to everyone who submitted birth details and an even bigger thanks to those who I bored on the phone! I hope you enjoy my conclusion from all this creativity, introversion and astrology research, and find this video valuable. 

Learn More about Your Birth Chart



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