Recently back an episode #44 we talked about the importance of accountability – as in, having someone to keep you in check, offering their support and encouragement when you have something you want to do – but are struggling to do it.
Now, I’d like to add one more piece to the puzzle, and that is… collaboration.
Much like accountability, this was something I assumed I didn’t need or want. For one, I’m an introvert!
I do things by myself, I work best alone and other people – god love ’em – drain me.
But. when I reflected on the past year I realised that the #1 thing which had brought me the most success had been… Yes, collaboration.
Which naturally took me by surprise.

l hated when we had to work in groups at school, I was not a team sports fan. I also remember once at uni when we had to work on a project in pairs. The dude I was paired up with was a total slacker. And because I resented carrying all the weight, I slacked too.
In fact, I was pulled aside by our head of department who was concerned about my sh*tty performance.
It wasn’t until we got to do the solo part of the project that I turned things around and excelled because I was in my element again: working solo.
But there is something to be said for collaboration: in fact, I attribute 99% of my success in 2017 to this very thing. Hopefully, by the end of this episode you’ll be willing to give it a try too.

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