Today I’m rather excited to share a conversation with someone who is a bit of an idol of mine, a coach to creative misfits, a maven maker and all round bad ass business woman: Ebonie Allard.

I’ve basically been in awe of Ebonie since I saw her speak at an event in Brighton, I also had to have her speak at my first ever live event back in 2017 and since then it’s been an honour to  get to know her better, and get to grill her on today’s podcast.
You can connect with Ebonie online – I’ve got all the links in the shownotes at catroseastrology.com/podcast – and after you’ve listened to today’s show, definitely go and subscribe to Ebonie’s podcast, Adulting with Ebonie – I reckon you’ll love it.

Connect with Ebonie:

Ebonie Allard


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