In this week’s episode of the Creative Introvert podcast I talk to Alex Mathers, of the Red Lemon Club.
I’m SO excited to share this week’s guest for you, because he’s probably someone who I have to thank most out of virtually all my guests, even though they’re all kick ass.
At the height of my artistic discontent: I had just graduated, and whilst I did have a lucky job at a web design agency, I was feeling creatively unfulfilled I found Alex’s work and spent hours trawling through his portfolio magazine site, Ape on The Moon.
Soon after, I got my first hints of what the possibilities of freelancing could be from the Red Lemon Club, so a BIG thanks goes to our guest today, Alex Mathers.

“Do what brings you to life, not just what you love.”
~ Alex Mathers

What we talked about:

  • How Alex unexpectedly found illustration and a career as a freelancer
  • How lack of focus actually helped Alex
  • Some of the biggest challenges Alex faced as a freelancer
  • The problem with ‘doing what you love’
  • Alex’s biggest mentors and loved books
  • Alex’s solution for the question: should I focus or diversify?


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