I’m going to come out with a possibly controversial statement…
Worrying helps our creativity.
What what?
Ok… think about it like this: most breakthroughs, whether they were in technology or art or anything else for that matter, came about because we were worried. We were worried we’d starve, worried that the other tribe would conquer us, worried that the Gods would be angered by our actions and so on. The main difference between overthinkers and the rest of the population – is imagination.
Now imagination doesn’t lead directly to creative flourishing. For us to make use of this gift, we need to combine our imaginative inspiration with action.
And here’s where it gets tricky.
Taking action, especially when we’re worried and all we have is ourselves and a blank canvas or blank page in front of us is… bloody hard.
Our worries can be a blessing and a curse.
Unless… we tackle them head on, removing the resistance and allowing us to crack on with our creative work.
In today’s podcast, you’ll get detailed instructions on how to overcome these three horsemen of the creative apocalypse, worry, distraction and procrastination – so that you can be performing at your very best, most creative introverty self.

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