In this week’s episode of the Creative Introvert podcast I talk to someone I’ve actually met in REAL LIFE, which is always a treat, a fellow seaside dweller and creative introvert, Rachel Shorer.
Rachel writes and performs as a way to channel her tendency to overshare about her personal life and rant about stuff like feminism and culture. She’s about to go on a tour of women’s living rooms with her spoken word show 10 Mistakes Every Girls Makes in Her Twenties. She’s also working on a first novel, The PeaceWeaver’s Wordhoard, which I’m personally, very excited for.

What we discussed:

  • How Rachel found poetry through ‘cheating’ on her novel writing
  • How Rachel manages to perform on stage despite her introversion
  • Challenges poets face in sharing their work
  • Giving and receiving feedback
  • Self confidence as a creative introvert
  • Where Rachel’s inspiration comes from
  • How to use positive procrastination and play in our creative work

“There’s development you get from sharing your work you can’t get from isolating yourself”
~ Rachel Shorer

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