In this week’s episode of the Creative Introvert podcast I talk to Thea Orozco of Introvertology.
Thea started Introvertology four years ago, after talking to two frustrated people on Twitter who had been comparing themselves to others and feeling broken. It was clear to her that they weren’t broken, they were one of the 50% of the US population whose strengths aren’t shouted from the rooftops.
After working for a time as a life coach for introverts, Thea realised that she got a kick out of helping her entrepreneur clients. She also noticed a pattern with introverted entrepreneurs and thought leaders – that many of them couldn’t grow their business because they were approaching social media marketing like an extrovert, so they felt overwhelmed and burnt out and with a huge case of imposter syndrome.
So now she’s here, helping introverted entrepreneurs make a difference in this world by authentically sharing their products and gifts and knowledge and ideas.

What we discussed:

  • Feeling weird and broken as an introvert
  • Are personally type tests helpful or harmful
  • How our to deal with the negative stories we tell ourselves
  • How the inner work is just as important as the outer work
  • Transferring confidence from one area of your life to another
  • Biggest challenges introverts face in business
  • The problem with being a multipotentialite
  • How to go to a conference and manage your energy
  • How to overcome fear of the camera and embrace video content



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