Do you feel like you’re ready to quit?
Do you feel like you’re flogging a dead horse and beginning to look like a creazy person to you fam and friends?
Do you have an iron-clad grip on a project or pursuit that is costing you time, money and energy – and your sanity?
Then OH BOY do I have a podcast for you!

This has been one of – if not THE most difficult questions I’ve had to face in me business and freelance history.
My first instance of the when-to-quit-when-to-stick scenario was in my agency job. I had a lot going for me. I was technically head designer – and I loved my colleagues – but oh jeez. The reality of the office life, the commute through London and the less inspiring clients… I knew my time was limited.
But when to go? There’s never a good time.
It actually took me about 2 years of on/off should I stay/should i go to finally throw in the towel.
I’ve also stuggled since in freelance side projects, like my Pet Portrait company, and my healthy living blog – Cat Food is Good For You. All of these start off with a honeymoon period, and basically fall to pieces as my enthusiasm drops.
The toughest part is not wanting to be seen as a ‘quitter’ – which, for whatever reason, has been deemed in our society as failing or the opposite of success.
Since then, I’ve totally shifted how I approach quitting, failure and success. For me, all of these are the same thing, depending on how you look at them.
Certainly, my follow through rate is no higher than it was back then, but now I don’t berate myself for throwing in the towel. For me success is knowing when to quit and when to stick. It’s knowing what you’ve done is your best, and learning from any and all experiences.
Now, I want to share the 5 tools I use to decide on whether something is worth sticking with, or letting go.

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