In this week’s episode of the Creative Introvert podcast I talk to Ben O’Brien (aka Ben the Illustrator.)

Ben likely needs no introduction especially if you’re a fellow illustrator – and even if you’re not – there’s a good chance you’ve seen his work, whether it was in the Guardian, GQ or for one of the other high profile clients he’s worked with.

Ben also produced a phenomenal survey of over 1000 illustrators in 2017, and this was partly why I couldn’t wait to chat to him. We discuss his surprising findings, as well as his ideal workday routine, what he would do differently if he started all over today, and some of Ben’s favourite podcasts.

What we discussed:

  • Ben’s transition from animation to illustration
  • What animation can teach us about storytelling
  • What surprised Ben about the results of his Illustrators Survey
  • The illustrator’s favourite choice of social media
  • Working from home vs. working in a studio
  • Ben’s workday routine
  • Whether or not illustrators consider themselves artists or businesses
  • The shocking % of illustrators who aren’t living sustainably off their trade
  • Ben’s advice to students and recent illustration graduates
  • What Ben would have done differently if we was starting again today


Ben’s Illustrators Survey
Daily Rituals by Mason Currie
Creative Pep Talk
Arrest All Mimics


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