Caveat: I’m a bit biased with this, as an INTJ. That basically means… I love me some routine. I love dreaming up routines, I love planning routines, I love doing routines.
But… I haven’t always been this way – at least, not consciously.

When I worked a 9–5 job in a design agency, I couldn’t think of anything worse than living the same day over and over again… until the weekend, at which point my routine fell apart and with the help of a lot of booze and ice cream, so did I.
Freeing myself from those shackles, my life took the other direction – and my first few months as a freelancer looked a lot like CHAOS.
I figured, my life was now about FREEDOM. Why ruin it with boring old routine?
Now. I have learnt since then that if you embrace routine, designing your life to suit your needs, desires and values – even if you’re a routine rebel – you will actually create MORE freedom than you ever dreamed possible.
Not to mention the success which comes with getting shit done.
So… how to go about designing your ideal life through routine? That’s what this podcast episode is for.

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