In this week’s episode of the Creative Introvert podcast I talk to Joe Moran, historian of the everyday, about his book on shyness, ‘Shrinking Violets.’

I was a bit surprised to find this is nothing like the self-help books I normally find myself reading, and more of a history/biography/celebration of shyness and I found myself become more and more obsessed with the subject. Naturally – I had to grill Joe about this trait that so many of us introverts also have.

What we discussed:

  • The difference between shyness and introversion
  • How shyness is more common than you might think
  • The value of silence
  • Why small talk is actually a very thoughtful thing to do
  • Whether or not we blush for a reason
  • The difference between shame and embarrassment
  • How shyness is seen differently over the world
  • Would art exist without the shy?
  • Why shyness is like lower back pain
  • The Personality Positivity Movement


Shrinking Violets by Joe Moran
Other books by Joe
The Stanford Shyness Test
Quiet by Susan Cain
Joe’s Blog



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