Recently, we’ve been talking about the joys – OK less so the joys – but at least the usefulness of email when it comes to getting anything from press, more work, better clients – all the things.
But… you may be a bit stuck on what to email.
You might not have any specific clients or journalists in mind, let alone knew what to say when you reach out.

Consider these ‘warm up’ emails. I go into these techniques more in-depth in the Email Answer, my online course but the general idea is…
That after sending any one of these emails you are starting a conversation, which sets you up for going in with an ask or your true pitch.
When you dive straight in with the ask like BUY MY THING! or HIRE ME! then you’re likely to scare someone away especially if they don’t know you.
But when you start with a warm up, you move from stranger to… nice person who sent a thoughtful email.
So that’s what I’m going to help you with in this podcast.
There are 3 emails that you can send anytime that are very likely start a great conversation.

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