Let me tell you a story…
One year ago today I was at a place very close to rock bottom.
l’m not a full-time anything: my wall consists of multiple hats I don and I enjoy the variety. But last year a few of these hats were gone.
To clarify, when I took myself out of the London scene, I left clients and contacts there. In moving to the seaside, I sacrificed higher paying clients and sheer number of opportunities.
Sure, I could commute… but that wasn’t part of the plan. The plan was to rely more on my income coming from The Creative Introvert – the LCI, online courses and coaching and less on freelance design or consulting.

But in making that shift, I learned I wasn’t quite ready. l still needed the contract work and my old tactics of relying on word of mouth weren’t going to fly: if all my old clients were 50 miles away from my new ones.
So… I started pitching. This was something I historically dreaded, and assumed I was terrible at. For one, it I’m doing a repetitive task like writing a lot of emails, at some point, I make some terrible mistakes. Design experience aside, I’m not one for attention to detail.
And yes, I was rusty at first-it had been a while-but before long I started seeing some real results.
I think this was partly due to my increased experience : I knew a bit more about targeting a niche audience, but I also learned I had some innate skills that I believe all introverts have that can give us a real edge when it comes to pitching to get clients or work.
But, in order to hone those skills and use email as a secret weapon: you first need to know what they are… hence what I’m doing in this podcast.
Today, we’re going to talk about the skills, strengths and tactics introverts can excel at… and use to their advantage in their career.

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