In this week’s episode of the Creative Introvert podcast I talk to Pete Mosley, author of one of my favourite books: the Art of Shouting Quietly who helps people in running a business creatively, how to find and build relationships with customers and how to tell a great story about your work.

We talk about the intersection of creativity and introversion, whether we should just fake it till we make it if we want creative success, the advantages of being an introvert and how to avoid burnout.

What we discussed:

  • The connection between creativity and introversion
  • What are the advantages of being an introvert as a creative?
  • Pete’s tips for using introversion as a strength
  • Is it enough to just do good work?
  • The problem with the advice to ‘fake it till we make it’
  • Pete’s ‘cheeky letters’ strategy
  • How to expand our comfort zones whilst still protecting our energy
  • Advice on using video for marketing/communication and advice for the camera-shy
  • Shyness as fluid, confidence as mercurial, one fear goes, another grows
  • Defining success – dreaming big, being realistic, knowing what we want (‘being successful in a quiet way’)
  • Pete’s approach to networking as an introvert
  • Tips for managing imposter syndrome

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