Ok so the timing for this episode is all kinds of perfect.
If you’re listening on the release date, you’ll likely be aware it is a brand new year, and you may very well have set yourself a new years resolution – or assuming they’re becoming a little unfashionable, may be you’ve picked a year goal or – er – a word to set your intention for the new year. Whatever floats your boat.
May be you’re on the more skeptical side of the fence and refuse to set any goals or resolutions because the new year is arbitrary to you. I don’t blame you.
But still… there’s likely something you want, something you want to feel or be or do or have.
Now there are a million and one reasons why we fail at getting what we want or doing what we want – but there are far fewer solutions to this challenge.

Ok the plan for this episode and the one next week is… we’re going to do a little two-parter. This week we’re focussing on INNER problems and INNER solutions.
These are the kind that come from – you guessed it – within – as in, within our own mind, or psyche.
Next week we’ll focus on OUTER problems and OUTER solutions.
And these are the kind that come from things or people or places outside of ourselves.
Just because we’re introverts, doesn’t mean we can ignore the outer world entirely – as much as we would sometimes like to. As old Carl Jung said,

“There is no such thing as a pure introvert or extrovert. Such a person would be in the lunatic asylum.”

So keeping that in mind, we need both sides of the coin taken into account IF we want to really make shit happen and accomplish our goals.
Today, we’ll be focussing on those inner issues – these are the most common challenges I see crop up in my coaching calls with members of the League of Creative Introverts as well as in my own experience – I’ve definitely been there and I don’t believe anyone is immune to these.
But hopefully I’m going to help you find the solution to them and break through any of those road blocks that are in the way of you accomplishing any and all your goals this year.

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