In this week’s episode of the Creative Introvert podcast I talk to Tony Wrighton, Sky Sports presenter and host of the podcast Zestology.

You might not know this about me but before I starting blogging as the Creative Introvert, I had a blog called – wait for it – Cat Food is Good For You.
It was mostly about my food philosophy – my quest to find the perfect diet, the perfect exercise regime and perfect everything really. I was really into health in a big way. So many great things came out of that blog, and it’s where I think I found my voice and my way of expressing myself at least through the written word.
It was also when I started listening to podcasts, many of which I’ve traded in now for less-health oriented shows, but Zestology is one that I still insist on listening to when it comes to optimising all different aspects a healthy, happy life.
Tony Wrighton is the host of Zestology, and as much as I love the guests he interviews, he is reason I listen and recommend his show to so many people.
I was lucky enough to get to interview Tony for today’s podcast – and – even more of a treat – this interview took place on a very sunny morning in an unusually quiet park in London.

What we discussed:

  • What Tony learnt from a mysterious tropical disease
  • Using Buddhist principles to handle tough times
  • Tony’s morning routine and how it’s changed
  • Finding the best meditation practise for you
  • Do you do what you love or no?
  • Tony’s personality type
  • The benefits of spending time with your friends
  • Is it really important to know your ‘avatar’?
  • Are introverts less susceptible to NLP techniques?
  • The importance of ‘switching off’
  • What Tony would tell his younger self


Links Mentioned:

Josh Waitzkin – The Art of Learning
Tony Wrighton – Confidence in a Minute
Sleep Cycle app
Sharon Salzberg
Insight Timer
Five Minute Journal
Intrinsic motivation
Cal Newport – Deep Work
Myers Briggs Test
Creative Personality Type Quiz
Carl Jung on masculine/feminine
Betty Erickson Technique
Self Development Audio Books app


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