Joanna Penn Interview - Collaboration for Creative Introverts
Joanna Penn Interview - Collaboration for Creative Introverts

In this week’s episode of the Creative Introvert podcast I talk to Joanna Penn, NYT Best Selling Author and host of the brilliant the Creative Penn podcast.

Todays guest is kind of a big deal.
And not just because she’s a New York Times best selling author, or because she was voted as one of the Guardian’s Top 100 Creative Professionals of the Year or any of her other awards and accolades – Joanna Penn is a big freakin deal because it was her podcast – the Creative Penn – that was responsible for me entertaining the idea that one day, may be I too could have a podcast.

Ok – so may be that’s just why she’s a big deal to me. But if you aren’t already a fan of JP – her books, blog or podcast – then I’m willing to bet you will be by the end of this interview.

What we discussed:

  • Has introversion helped/hindered Joanna’s career
  • Using ‘introvert’ as a verb rather than a noun/label
  • Tips for working on a creative project as an introvert
  • Collaboration for creative introverts
  • Tips for surviving multi-day conferences
  • Advice for marketing ourselves vs. others
  • Do men find it easier to promote themselves
  • The ‘Vanilla Goth’
  • When to pivot and when to stick with something
  • Advice for goal setting and achieving big dreams


Links Mentioned:

Quiet – Susan Cain
Beth Buelow – Introvert Entrepreneur
J. Thorn episode of the Creative Introvert
Risen Gods – the collaborative novel
Career Change – Joanna Penn
Deep Work – Cal Newport
How To Market A Book – Joanna Penn


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